Where You’re at Right Now

Why are you where your at right now? What are you doing there? What course of events drove you to be at your present location?

As I get older, I think about my life, and the course it has taken. There is some regret, there is some happiness and some sadness.

A couple of weekends ago my family and I were up at the camp having a relaxing weekend. One of the people there was a long time friend of mine – we have been knowing each other since around 1977 or 1978,,, somewhere in there. At the day turned to night, we built a camp fire, grabbed the lawn chairs and talked about past times.

One of the times my buddy brought up was a trip down the Bayou close to Bridge City, Texas. A fog had set in, and they could not see where they were going. The guys in the boat spotted a fish camp where they stopped and spent the night. My buddy thought I had gone on that trip. Regrettably I had not gone. I had probably missed that experience and spent that trip and spent that time with my girlfriend at the time – who would later become my wife, and ex-wife.

So I’am thinking back, it would have been great to have gone on such a trip but I was preoccupied. Which memory would have served me the best later in life, some night with my girlfriend I probably dont even remember, or going on some trip into the unknown?

That is the problem with life, sometimes you dont know what you have missed until its passed you by – and then its too late. As life experiences come and go in split second decisions, I for one do not always make the best choices, I probably make some of the worst decisions mankind has ever seen – except for my kids. My kids are great.

In the mid – late 1990s my friends and I were preparing for the supposed invasion by the United Nations and the following martial law. Those was the rumors being spread by people that profit from fear.

Sometime around 1997 or 1998 an old man that I worked with needed some trees cut down. These trees were a mix of pine, sweet gum and oak. I talked to a buddy of mine and we struck a deal with the man that needed the trees cut – my buddy and I would cut the trees, if we got to keep all of the oak. The deal was struck and the deed was done. My buddy and I cut all of the trees the man wanted and hauled off our reward one truck load at a time. In all, we had a stack of wood about 5 – 6 feet tall and about 30 feet long. This was part of our year 2000 survival preps.

In the year 2000, my wife of 14 years and I separated and divorced. During this time I was living in Montgomery Texas.

From October 2000 – January 2004 I lived in Montgomery Texas. In late January 2004 I took a job at a welding shop in Sulphur, Louisiana and moved back to Texas. Even though I worked in Louisiana I could not bring myself to live their – especially with my family. Its nothing against the people of Louisiana – but if the government takes your money in the name of taxes, the least they could do is give you good roads to drive on.

After living in the Orange Texas area for a year, enough was enough. The housing market had gotten so expensive my wife and I could not find affordable lodging. It was like housing prices had doubled in the past few years, but wages had not doubled. My wife was having problems finding a job, and that just compounded the issues.

After about a year of trying to find a job, my wife finally landed one in Jasper, Texas. Which is where we live today.

I no longer work in the welding field – thank GOD. The money is nice, but the hours are terrible. By working the over time to make the overtime, I sacrificed time with my family. Money comes and goes, but memories taking my kids fishing last forever.

Now that I had more free time to work on my projects, I decided to open a Survivalist Forum.  From there, this blog was opened.  And here we are today.

Hurricane Ike – Came through in September of 2008, and it proved what in life is important.  Its not the fancy things, its not the TVs, or the DVD players, or the trucks or the cars, or the fine houses – its friends and family.  When the storm surge destroyed everything that people worked so hard to build up, all you have left is your relationships.

Take someone, and take everything they have away (that is what Hurricane Ike did from Galveston to southwest Louisiana), what they have left are the important things in life.  And that is your friends, family and relationships.

Plans for the future – Sometimes I do not like making plans, because the majority of them just fall through.  Something my wife and I would like to do, is to move to a rural area.  We live in a rural town, but where we live right now does not allow live stock, rabbits, or chickens.  So we want to move where my wife and I can have more room for a garden, rabbits, chickens,,,,, and whatever else we want.

Eventually, I would like to be a little more self-sufficient.  The goal is to have rabbits, and their manure is to be used in the garden, have some chickens, for chicken gumbo, fresh eggs and manure fertilizer.

Looking forward – There is a lot of regret in life.  I look back and regret not spending more time with my great grand parents, grand parents, parents and my own kids.  I regret not going to college right after high school, and not going into the military.  That is why I dont like to look backwards too much.  If you look backwards, its easy to lose sight of the target.