Looking forward to deer season

With the summer heat starting to break just a little bit – the past couple of days have been around 91, 92 or 93 degrees, a couple of weeks ago day time temps were in the 97, 98 and 99 range – its time to start looking for deer season.

My daughter and I just got finished eating breakfast, and I’am getting the truck loaded up. Over the past few days I charged 5 or 6 – 6 volt batteries for the feeders. When we leave home, we are going to go by Tractor supply in Jasper, Texas and pick up something like 12 bags of deer corn. We have 6 feeders to check on, and I’am figuring 2 – 50 pound bags just to get the feeders started.

Besides the regular deer stands and feeders, there is a certain creek bottom that I want to setup a ladder stand on. Every year a buck goes through the creek bottom marking its territory. The nearest box stand is about 100 yards away on top of a hill. Instead of moving the box stand, I’am going to setup a ladder stand.

I have an old climbing stand that I could move to the creek, but over the past few years I have been using my climbing stand less and less. In my younger years using the climbing stand was fun to use, and it provided a degree of flexibility that box stands did not. If I wanted to move the climbing stand over 75 yards, it was a 15 minute job. If I wanted to move a box stand – it would take half a day.

One of the nice things about hunting in a big box stand, it provides plenty of room for you to take someone. If you want to take you son, daughter, grandkids,,, having enough room for 2 people is nice.

There does not seem to be enough young people getting into hunting. As more and more of our nations population moves into the urban jungle, fewer and fewer people want to make the drive to the woods. Combine that to more and more hunting land is being sold off to developers. Land that has used to belong to the timber companies and has been hunted for over 100 years, is being enveloped by urban sprawl.

But anyway, its time to load up the truck, and my daughter and I head out to the woods.