Personal hygiene kits

This is a description of my personal hygiene kit. Personal hygiene is one of the topics that I take into consideration everyday. I wear contacts – everytime I put my contacts in, I think about if my hands are clean or not. Having infected eyes is no fun. If an eye infection can be prevented by washing my hands before I put the contacts in, then it needs to be done. My daily routine is – get up, shower, put contacts in – that way my hands are clean from the shower.

Years ago my buddies and I used to go camping along the salt marshes of southeast Texas – Bridge City and Orangefield, Texas. We would load up the boat with our ALICE packs, and head out for a weekend of adventures and exploring. One thing about those bayous and low lying areas, there is a plentiful supply of mud, and a short supply of fresh water. Its one of those situations where you bring plenty of water, some canteens and a good water filter.

Even if I had to use the water from my 2 quart US Military canteen to wash off my hands, I did whatever it took to get my fingers clean to take care of my eyes.

Maybe I should have just wore glasses instead?

My personal hygiene kit is kept behind the sink and contains:
personal size shampoo
personal sized soap
contact case
spare contact case with spare set of contacts
contact cleaning and wetting solution
tooth brush and tooth paste
zip lock plastic bag – this is to hold the liquid soap and shampoo. That way if the bottles leak, the fluid does not get into the kit, and is contained within the plastic bag.

After using the liquid soap on a couple of camping trips, I have learned that its no replacement for liquid soap.  With the small amount of space that a bar of soap takes up, I see no reason not to bring one along.

When I’am camping on the river, first thing in the morning I like to get up, go to the boat, take a bath, wash my hair and brush my teeth. Even its river water, its better then nothing, and its better then stinking all day long.

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