Another Trip To The Angelina River

Angelina River Fishing

It was a trip I had been wanting to make for a long time. The day before (July 9, 2010) I took the time to get everything ready – the gas cans were fueled up, the poles and tackle boxes were set next to the front door, the day packs were filled with fresh water, first aid kit, an Eversafe Meal, ice chest put in the boat… and a few more things were made ready.

The alarm clock went off around 5:45am – but I stayed in bed for a little bit. Got up, got my shower, brushed teeth, deodorant (you do not want body order while fishing), then I went into my sons room to wake him up.

While my son was getting his shower, and taking care of his business, I loaded the tackle boxes, poles and day packs in the boat.

We launched the boat at a place called “BevilPort” – which is off Farm to Market Road 2799, just Northwest of Jasper, Texas. As we were leaving the boat launch and heading south on the Angelina River, the sun started to break though the tree line.

It was a beautiful and memorial morning.

Its a beautiful site to be out in nature, everything is so pure, except where mankind leaves his trash.

After heading south for a few miles, we turned into a slew. At first look, it looks more like a ditch that does not go anywhere. But after a couple of turns, it opens up into a stump filled pond, with more cuts going deeper into the mix.  When navigating the waterway, you have to be very careful because of all of the stumps.

Some of the stumps stick out of the water where they are clearly visible, some are submerged just under the water.  If your moving along using the trolling motor, and run up on one of the submerged stumps, there is a good chance that the boat will high center.  Then its a matter of rocking back and forth, or swim to land with a long rope and pull the boat off the stump,,,.  In other words, if you high center on a stump, chances are good your going to be there for a little bit.

In all, we caught 2 bass, saw 1 alligator, a few gar ranging in size from 1 – 3 feet long, and a couple of huge wasp nest.

We hit a dead end and had to turn around.  A tree was over the slew and the other way was blocked by heavy moss.

From there, my son and I headed south on the river and went to a primitive camping / picnic area. We off loaded our packs, and I broke out one of my Eversafe meals. The meal was spaghetti with meat sauce – and it was pretty good.

It was at this time that the heat of the day became noticeable, so my son and I agreed to head back home. The high for the day was supposed to be around 97 – 99 degree.

On the way back home I spotted a trot line jug, and a description of trot lines was added to the video.

Trot lines have an honor system – you do not mess with other peoples lines. No fish were taken off the trot line, it was just used for education purposes only.

My son and I returned home shortly after 12 noon. We had a wonderful trip, even if we did not catch very many fish.