Why People Can Not Form Their Own Opinion

Kevin Felts blogger and survivalistWhile going to school, you probably heard something like – Please do not interrupt the class, if you continue to do so, you will be sent to the office.

“If” we have enough time at the end of class you may voice your opinion at that time – but you will have to raise your hand and wait to be called on.

If we do not have enough time today, you may be able to ask your question of voice your opinion tomorrow. But I doubt we will have enough time tomorrow, because we have a lot of material to cover.

On second thought, maybe its best that you keep your opinion to yourself and let the teacher teach the class.


School is much more then a place to learn, its where childrens minds go to die a slow painful death.

People learn in 2 different ways:

Doing – actual hands on. These are your mechanics, your welders, heavy equipment operators,,, people that do physical labor.

Sitting – take listen and learn. These are your engineers, your lawyers,,, people who take a concept and turn it into something.

Most schools only cater to kids that learn by listening. The kids that learn by doing are left out in the cold. Instead of addressing “why” a child is acting up in school, the teachers, parents and doctors put the kids on medicines. The child is then transformed into a zombie that can sit still and listen to the boring teacher.

And we have to wonder why we have such a high rate of high school drop outs?

When we grow, we learn what is accepted and what is not accepted. And we accept that without question.

Such as – you vote Democrat or Republican. People who vote third party are throwing their votes away. Very few people can “think outside the box” and change the way they vote.

If people could “really” think outside the box, the USA would not be in the situation its in right now. Because the people would be voting other political parties into office. But instead, we are stuck in this Democrat or Republican rut.

Ask yourself, why do you vote the way that you do? Why do you listen to the music that you do? Do you “really” like the types of music that is popular today? Or do you listen to the music because the radio stations and TV told you the music is good, and you should listen to it?

What about food, do you ask yourself “why that can of beans has to have so much salt in it?”

Why dont fast food places offer low calorie drink options? Instead, we have flavored sugar water.

If you want to form your own opinion on something – accept nothing and question everything.

If someone can not change the way they vote, change the types of music they listen to, dress differently them other people, or even cut their hair differently, how can they be expected them to “think” for themselves.

When you accept everything without question, your nothing more then a zombie. A zombie that goes to work, pays their bills, votes the same people into office every year,,,, and all without question.

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