Do You Cut Your Own Grass

Over the past week or so, this part of East Texas has been having almost daily thunderstorms. Well, today we did not get any showers, so my wife and I decided to cut the grass. As I was pulling out the lawnmower, thoughts went through my head about a blog post I should make. The question is, do you cut your own grass? From a survivalist point of view, this is why I think you should cut your own grass, instead of paying someone else do it.

Save money

People waste money in too many ways. Whether its interest on credit cards, a large soft drink you dont finish, a cheese burger you only eat half of, a music CD that half the songs suck,,,,,, people throw away too much money.

One of the ways that we can save money is by cutting our own grass – instead of paying someone else to do it. If you can do something for yourself, and save money, then do it. If your capable of cutting your grass – dont have a health condition – then why not?

Get some exercise

One of the problems working at an office job – a lot of people do not get enough physical activity. Just a few years ago the majority of the population worked in factories, ship yards, welding shops, building roads,,,, but today, it seems that most people sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day.

By cutting your grass every 3 or 4 days, your outside getting some sunshine and getting some physical exercise. Dont try to get off easy and get a self propelled or riding lawn mower – get one that makes you work those legs, back and arms.

Good chance to meet the neighbors

While your outside pushing that lawnmower around, try to do it at the same time as your neighbor. Maybe stop at the fence and strike up a conversation. Ask a few questions to figure out whether neighbor is one of the sheeple, prepper, or fellow survivalist. You might be surprised at how many closet survivalist are out there.

Before you meet the neighbor, do some observing to see what they drink – coke, dr.pepper, tea, pepsi,,,,.  When you stop to meet the neighbor, make sure you just “happen” to have an ice chest with some cold drink sin it. This could help to break the ice.

Survivalist – man, it sure is hot out here.
sheeple – it sure is.
survivalist – you want something to drink
sheeple – sure
survivalist – what do you drink, I have an ice chest right here.
sheeple – do you have a coke
survivalist – having seen his neighbor drinking coke, the survivalist just “happens” to have some ice cold cokes ready to go – here ya go, ice cold
sheeple – that hit the spot
survivalist – so what do you think about this oil spill in the gulf of mexico?
sheeple – oil spill in the gulf of what????
survivalist – from here, be careful of how much you say, you do not want to seem overly educated on current events – the news has been talking about some kind of oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, I thought you might have heard something about it.

Throw out some bait and see if the neighbor bites. I like to play dumb for a little bit so the other person can act big and talk about how much they know.

The goal is to keep the other person talking, and you take in the information for later analyzes.  Just keep your mouth shut and let the neighbor ramble on and on and on,,,,,.  This also makes the other person feel important that someone is actually listening to him/her.

Rotating your gas stocks

The lawn mower is a good place to rotate out your fuel stocks. Instead of buying fresh gasoline, pull some from your gas stocks, and burn it in the lawnmower. The replace the gas in your stocks with fresh stuff.