Armchair Survivalist At It Again

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentator

It seems that those armchair survivalist are at it again, this time they are posting stuff on my YouTube gardening videos.

If your wondering what an armchair survivalist is, they are the people that sit at their computer chairs, post comments on videos, post on forums, might even have a blog, and never actually “do” anything. They are the people that know everything there is to know about survivalism, their masters of everything, but not of them have never actually done anything. They tell you how your doing everything wrong, but offer no proof that they have actually done it themselves.

A few days ago I posted a video on YouTube about storing MREs.  One guy posted a comment – “You should never store MREs in your house. The temperature does not stay cold enough and they will spoil faster.”

Your not supposed to store MREs in your house… that comment is so far out there, I do not even know what to think about it. A reply was posted asking, “Where are you supposed to store the MREs then?” I have yet to see a reply to my question. I figured he would say something like, “Rent a climate controlled storage area and turn the temperature down.” Then I was going to come back with a reply with something about having to pay for the storage area.

On my gardening video, which shows the first harvest of 2010,

One guy posted a comment that stated “a family needs at least 5 acres to be able to grow enough food.”

I do not know for sure, but I am guessing he has has never read any books on square foot gardening? Does he even know which plants will give maximum production? Does he even have any seeds stocked up? Has the guy ever even got is hands dirty?

Other comments included:

  • “That is not enough food to live off of”
  • “It took 6 weeks to grow 1 pot of peas”

I don’t guess they know that snap beans are a high producing plant? Their comments show a total ignorance of the topics at hand.

I dont even know what to think about those types of comments. Its like their looking at one little small part of a big picture, criticizing that that part, and ignoring the rest of the picture.

It is like people criticize what I am doing, but those same people offer nothing in return. Their just sitting there, in their computer chair, saying how your doing everything wrong, but they have nothing to show.

Some of the comments were along the lines – “that is no enough food, your going to be in trouble in a real disaster happens.” I don’t guess they say the video of the MREs,,,, or anything else.

Armchair Survivalist

If your going to speak up and say “hey, your doing that wrong” – then have something to back it up.  How about some pictures of your projects, how about a blog showing what you have done.  Or better yet, how about a video?

I might be the “ultimate survivalist” living on a farm, but I try to set some kind of positive example for others.  You don’t  to have to have 50 acres to have a nice garden.  Even if its just a flower bed in the back yard you planted some onions in, its better then nothing.

The goal is to actually “do something”  – which is better then doing “nothing.”  Sitting at a computer chair, posting on a forum, reading blogs,,, does not count as doing something.  Getting outside, planting a garden, going on a hiking trip, taking the kids fishing,,, now that counts as actually doing something.

Given the choice between taking my kids fishing, or posting on a forum, I would rather go fishing any day.

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