Weight Gain and Computer-Related Jobs

A lot of people probably say they were in their best physical shape at 18, 19, 20, or even 21 years old.  Not me – I think my best physical conditioning was around 27, 28, 29, maybe even 30 years old.  At that age I used to get home from working hard physical for 8 – 10 hours, eat dinner, then get on the bike for 6 – 12 miles.  After the bike ride it was either weights or a 3 – 5 mile run.

But that was then, and this is now.

A little bit about myself:

42 years old – when this was posted
Little over 5 years with my current job
Sit at a desk and work on computers all day

From when I graduated high school in 1986, up until I got this current job, I have always had a job that involved a lot of physical activity. Whether it was working in a welding shop – swinging a hammer, moving pieces of steel, walking from one end of the shop to the other,,, or running cable TV cable,,, I was always moving in some form or another.

I never quit realized how important that was back then. All I knew was that I was tired of sweating so bad in July and August, I was tired of the hard physical labor, I was tired of the welding burning my arms,,,,. But in away, that hard work was keeping me young.

Now that I sit at a desk all day, I feel that I’am wasting away. Its impossible to get the same level of physical activity today working in this office that I did working in the welding shop.

So what are my choices?

I could spend more time on the threadmill, but that is a focused exercise that only works your legs.

Maybe do some wii for a full body workout?

Ride a bike – yea, I like bike riding. Back when I was working in the welding shops for 8 – 10 hours a day, I would go home, eat and then get on my bike for a 6 – 9 mile ride. There is just something about being on the rode with the wind in your face.

Maybe I could watch what I ate a little better? Maybe so, but its too easy to get a cheese burger and a 32 ounce soft drink.

I think my biggest issue is from my sugar intake and my lack of exercise. If I could get on the threadmill for an hour a day, I think things would be a lot better – and then switch the threadmill out with the bike or the wii.

One of the things that stops me from getting on the threadmill is when the grandkids come over. They want to get on there with me, or they want to put a toy car or truck on the threadmill,,,,. So its better that I not even get on there when the little grand kids are over.

I have to do “something” to get into shape. Summer vacation is almost here, and I want to take my kids on hiking/camping trips. Its going to be really difficult to hump a pack 10 miles when your out of shape. Several years ago my oldest son and I made went on a 6 – 8 mile hike / camping trip when I was bad out of shape – I do not want to do that again. By the time I got home I could barely carry my pack and my feet had blisters on them – lets not even talk about how sore my legs were.

This year I want to go on a 12 – 14 mile wilderness hike with my son and nephew. But to do that, I HAVE to get in shape. Its been a full week since I have been on the threadmill, so I’am just going to have to set some time aside and get some exercise.

If I ever lose this job, the first place I’am going is back into the welding field. At least there I was able to maintain a good healthy weight.

Since I no longer hold a job that works you like a horse all day long, I have to figure out a way to get back into some kind of good physical conditioning.    Whether its bike riding, playing the wii, weights, or the threadmill – something has to be done.

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