What it means to be a survivalist

Lets see, how would be the best way to describe this – prepping/survivalism is a way of life. Its not anything that I put any extra thought into, it just happens. Its like putting on your shoes, or tying your shoes, walking to the kitchen to get something to eat,,,,, its like a way of life.

Over the weekend, when my wife and I are at the grocery store. I picked up a couple of jars of creamy peanut butter and a couple of jars of honey. The 2 things that do not require special storage. They can be opened and left on the kitchen counter for months, honey will stay good forever.

So while we are shopping, I’am standing there thinking about how to eat the peanut butter and honey with no bread, or maybe just crackers, or straight out of the jar. The honey contains trace minerals, its good for cleaning wounds, and its its supposed to be good for your allergies. It does not have to be kept cold, or frozen and it does not have to be cooked.

We walk around to the mac-n-cheese. Ok, that needs milk, so what about powdered milk. How do I cook mac-n-cheese anyway (without electric stove), the pit is not efficient, its more for briskets, ribs and pork chops. So that leaves the grill on the deck and my single burner propane stove. That reminds me, I need to get the propane tank on my grill swapped out.

Wal-mart and lowes has seed in stock.  Ok, there is snap bean seed – does good with some manure and pot ash, and maybe some 13-13-13. Corn on the other hand needs lots of nitrogen.  This is the kind of stuff that I  think about.

Prepping/Survivalism has levels. Its kinda like learning how to drive.

When you just learned how to drive, you have to think about putting on the blinker, or stopping at a red light.

As you become more experienced, it just comes naturally.

The same thing happens with prepping / being a survivalist – things start to become more “natural.”

On april 15th I pulled out some seeds and put them on to soak. While looking through my seed stocks, I realized that I might have to redesign/rethink my entire seed stockpile plans.

Coin collectors look at their change when its given to them by the store clerk. That is the way a well balanced survivalist thinks. When they walk through a store, how does that canned meat play into the big picture, how about those noodles, how about the canned fruit, how about the fishing and hunting items, gardening section,,,,,.

Being a survivalist is a never ending process. To prevent from being burnt out, incorporate it into your life.