What Groups Would Survive SHTF

Through out history its been shown that certain social groups are more likely to survive then other groups

The rich – the rich have been able to move outside the affected areas, or have been able to buy the resources that they needed. During the black death of 1348 – 1350, the rich secluded themselves to their estates, or went to one of their estates outside the affected areas.

From the protection of their land and homes, the rich would be able to hire servants to buy food and other items. There was no need for the rich to go to town, they could just pay other people to do it for them. Thus reducing their exposure to the infected public.

Land owners could have herds of cows, horses, goats and other farm animals.  The people with money may also own private property to hunt on, thus providing them with a source of wild game – deer, hogs, turkeys and other wild meat.

The farmers and gardeners – which I like to call the “Back to Basics Group”, they should do well – anyone that can raise their own food, have their own livestock, chickens, rabbits, milk goats,,,,, anything that can provide them with food and trade items.

Pigs raised for slaughter

The goats, cows, chickens,,, provide the farmers with a steady supply of trade items – through milk, eggs, meat or just trading/selling the whole animal.

The poor – are usually the worst hit. These are the people who can not afford to move, least portable, can not afford their own land, and have no resources to pull from.

Through out history, the poor have been the worst hit.  Even in recent times, the poor who can not afford insurance are the most affected when a natural disaster comes along.  When a hurricane or flood comes along, its the poor that usually does not have insurance.

The middle class – should do well in short term disasters, such as floods and hurricanes.  This is the group that is somewhat portable, may have flood or homeowners insurance, may have some food stocks put up.  But the middle class may not do so well in a long term disaster – such as a long lasting out of disease.

In a long lasting disaster – such as a disease outbreak, the preps that the middle class will quickly run out.

Some middle class people may own land that they can go live on, but a lot do not.