Coleman Perfectflow Stove Review

It was the Sunday morning of the opening weekend of Spring Break 2010. My wife and I got up, setup the 15+ year old Coleman stove and started to cook breakfast. For its age, the stove was doing good, but it was just cooking a little slow. In all, we had about 8 hungry people standing around waiting on their food.

My buddy Lynn made the comment that he had a new propane Coleman stove that he wanted to try out. The conversation went something like this:

Kevin – Watching the bacon cook on the stove.
Lynn – I have a new stove I wold like to try out.
Kevin – Break it out then, this one is taking too long.
Lynn – Well, I did not want to step on your manhood.
Kevin – I’am hungry, get that stove out so we can cook faster.

Coleman Perfectflow Stove

So Lynn walked over to his SUV, got a brand new Coleman Perfectflow Stove out of the back, and set it up. Within minutes we had bacon, boudain, sausage and eggs cooking.

To be able to cook a lot of bacon at one time, we put a griddle on top of the grill.  The griddle fit pretty good, and we were able to cook about 17 – 18 pieces of bacon at one time.  The griddle got so hot, it started melting the plastic fork that we were using.  So its advised that you use metal utensils when cooking with the Coleman Perfectflow Stove.  Because this thing can get really hot real quick – if not a little too hot.

The griddle was also used to cook the sausage and boudain.  I think the griddle might have been a “little” too hot for the boudain; it seemed to have scorched the casing a little bit too fast, while leaving the inside of the boudain a little cold.

Cooking breakfast with a Coleman Perfectflow Stove

When the sausage was cooked, it was cut in half and each half put on the griddle.  The stove made quick work of the sausage – it was cooked in a matter of minutes.

When we got ready to cook the eggs, the griddle was removed and a skillet was used.

Overall, I was impressed with how fast, quick and easy the stove cooked breakfast for about 8 people.  But it seemed to cook a little too hot.  If the fuel was turned down too low, the flame went out.   It would have been nice to see a simmer setting on the stove for keeping stuff like coffee hot.

Another version of the Coleman Perfectflow Stove is supposed to have an electric start. This model did not have the electric start, so we had to use matches.

Now I know what to ask for for fathers day.  This sure beats my 15 year old liquid fuel Coleman stove.  The liquid fuel stove does a good job, it just cooks a little slow, and the tank has to be kept pumped up.

Please post your comments in this forum thread about the Coleman Perfectflow Stove.

On a personal note, I have been using some type of Coleman stove for over 15 years.  Whether its a single burner propane backpacking / hiking stove, or a dual burner liquid stove, Coleman stoves have always given outstanding performance.