Generator Security

After hurricane Rita passed through, there were stories going around of peoples generators going off in the middle of the night, by the time they got outside all they saw was the tail lights of the truck leaving with their genny in the bed.

Do not let this happen to you.

When you buy your genny, also buy about 20 feet of chain and two locks. My genny was chained to an oak tree about 3 feet in diameter.

Then my truck was backed up to the genny so no one could see it from the road. Use your trucks or cars to block the view of people passing by.

Take the wheels off your genny. Do not make it any easier for the thieves.

Keep your genny in the back yard, or where ever you might have a fence up.

If you have a fenced back yard, put locks on the gate.

Do not keep your genny in the garage while running – fumes will still get into the house.

I built a portable shed about 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide and about 3 feet deep out of debris from the hurricane – three sides were closed, one side was open. This helped keep the genny out of thew weather and helped dampen the sound of the motor running. Now that the genny in stored in the shed, I turned that portable three sided shed into a wood shed for my bar-be-que pit.

Something you should not do – do not keep your generator in your house, do not keep it in your garage,,, of anywhere else that it can not vent the exhaust fumes.

After Hurricane Rita, there was a story going around of a family that was running the generator in their apartment.  Out of 5 family members, only one was not killed by the exhaust fumes.  Do not become a victim by your own hands.

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