Urban Survival and Safe Drinking Water

Over the past few weeks I have been putting a lot of thought into the availability of safe drinking water in an urban survival situation. Its not enough to have access to “water”, when its not safe to drink.

Its common knowledge that people require food, water and shelter to live. From those three points it breaks down into sub categories.  Such as what kind of food, what kind of shelter and what kind of water.

Water well

I have decided to break my water preps into 3 simple phases based on the amount of safe drinking water you have access to – short term, mid term, long term.

Short term – this is your bottled water. Regardless if its 1 pint plastic bottles, or 55 gallon drums, this is your short term solution.

Why is it short term? Because its in limited supply – sooner or later its going to run out.

Mid Term – This is something like a berkey water filter, something where you can take river, lake or pond water, filter it and make it safe to drink.

The mid term solution does not rely on stockpiling massive amounts of water. You keep a little water at your house, then use the filters to make water from outside sources safe to drink.

Filtration could be either a short or mid term solution – because the filters have a limited life. Even if the filter has a rating of 10,000 gallons, that is still a hard limit.

Long term – Something along the lines of a private well. You have your own private supply of safe drinking water.  Wells have allowed mankind to have safe drinking water for thousands of years. There is no reason why they will not work today.

water well for SHTF survival

One of the problems faced in the urban jungle – some cities prohibit citizens from having a private well. If that is the case, then the laws need to be changed.  People should have the right to access the water under their land.

In some areas, such as around chemical plants, the ground water might not be safe to drink. Dumping and leaking of chemicals have contaminated the ground water in places like Port Arthur Texas and Houston Texas.

Over the years I have seen a lot of water storage solutions discussed. Some of those solutions include – cases of bottled water, 35 and 55 gallon drums, water beds, 500 gallon above ground storage tanks, swimming pools, fish tanks, rivers, streams, private wells.

Regardless of the solution, it all goes back to – is the water safe to drink – yes or no? If the answer is no, what is required to make the water safe to drink? Is that solution a permanent solution? Or will it run out, or wear out – like a filter will do?

The next question is – is the water supply a permanent solution? Yes or no?

Bleach or other chemicals – not a permanent solution
Man Made Filters – not a permanent solution
Mechanical Desalination – not a permanent solution

The final goal is to have a permanent solution for safe drinking water.