Vargo Triad Titanium Alcohol Stove Review

Looking for a lightweight alcohol stove solution?  Look no further than the Vargo Triad Titanium Alcohol Stove.  Weighing in at just one ounce, the Vargo Triad is lightweight and portable.

Back in my teenage years (1982 – 1986), when I was camping in the woods and marshes of Southeast Texas, a typical meal on a camping trip was some Wolf brand chili, vienna sausages,,,,, canned goods which were bulky and heavy. This was mostly because the cans were opened, then warmed up over the coals of the camp fire.

In the 1990s I was getting a little tired of packing cans in and out of the woods – and so were my camping buddies. One of the guys in the group bought a single burner stove that used a 1 pound propane cylinder. It was a trade off, the weight of the propane bottle replaced the weight of the cans. But now we could carry dried foods, such as noodles.

To be honest, the weight of the propane cylinders got a little “too” heavy and have certain disadvantages – such as the 1 pound not being able to be refilled. Once the propane has been used, most of the time it has to be thrown away. Some people refill their own bottles,,, but not everyone has the ability to do so.

The single burner propane stove might be fine for short hikes, or at a park. But on those 6+ mile hiking/camping trips we need something lighter. Over the past few years the single burner stove has been replaced with military Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). The MRE heater is a nice lightweight option, but it only works with MRE entrees, and only works once.

We need an option that is lightweight, reusable, and can heat up different types of food – unlike the MRE. This is where the Vargo Triad Titanium alcohol stove comes into play.

Vargo Triad Alcohol Stove Specifications

• Weight: 1.0 oz. (28 grams)
• Burner Diameter: 60mm
• Diameter when pot support is open: 85mm
• Fuel Capacity: 1.75 oz.
• Collapsed height: 27mm

When collapsed, the stove is about the size of a can of snuff.

Vargo Triad stove review

While testing the stove out, it was lite and given about 5 minutes to prime to a good burning rate. After the Vargo Titanium Sierra 750 Cup – along with one pack of ramon noodles and some water – were put on top of the stove, it took about 10 minutes to cook. This makes for a total cook time of about 15 minutes.

When you cook on the stove, make sure the legs are straight down and gently push them into the dirt. This will keep the stove stable.

After using the Vargo Sierra 750 Cup, I will never use one of those cheap aluminum cook sets ever again. There is just no real comparison. The Vargo cup seems just as light as aluminum and is a lot stronger. On top of that, its as if the cup was designed to hold a ramon noodles perfectly.

Final Thoughts

The Vargo Triad Titanium Alcohol Stove is just what the lightweight backpacker needs – its lightweight, reusable, can cook a wide range of foods, its durable,,, what more could you really want?

Unlike the single burner propane stove, the fuel for the Vargo triad alcohol stove is not heavy or bulky.
Unlike MRE heaters, your not limited to using certain types of food – the MRE entrees.