Gearpods Adventure and Survival System

Up until just a few weeks ago I had never heard of a Gearpods, which is marketed as a modular adventure and survival system.

When I was approached about doing a review of the Pod, the first thing I did was go to youtube and do a search. Well, no results came back – which is kinda strange. You can find just anything you want on youtube, except in that point in time I could not find a video about “GearPods”. Ok, we need to fix that problem.

Gearpods survival kit review

When on a backpacking trip, organizing small items can be a real pain.  This is where the Gearpod comes into play.  Not only does it help organize items, it helps keep electronics dry with o-ring seals.

Not only does the pod have a cap on each end, to make the system where it can be expanded there is a slice in the middle.  To add another pod, just take the cap off one end and thread on another splicer.

The smaller pod is a basic first aid kit.  Contents included some band-aids, over the counter pain killers, other odds and ends wrapped inside a pouch that looks like parachute material.  The basic first kit is just that basic.  Its what you would expect to find in a kit this size.  To be honest, this is more then what I sometimes take on the trail.

Gearpods review

The survival kit is where the real juice is at – its the stuff in the longer tube.

  • Mirror
  • Waterproof matches
  • Whistle
  • Pocket compass
  • Razor knife
  • Pocket saw
  • Wire
  • String
  • Water purification tablets and plastic bag – use the bag as a makeshift canteen
  • Pencil and paper
  • Needle, thread and safety pin – stitching clothes or wounds
  • Candle
  • Duct tape – good for wound closure

The black tube makes into a stove, which is a very nice feature.

Now that we have gone over the Gearpod, and talked about the good stuff, lets talk about some of the stuff that I did not like.

A, AA mini-maglight will not fit inside the pocket on the outside of the pouch.
The attachment straps seem a little wide for ALICE attachments, but a little narrow for a compression strap.
The price seems a little steep.

Overall, I liked the Gearpod and can see it having a place in my pack.