Survivalism And The Obsession There Of

A recent video I posted on youtube received this comment.

Kev…with so many bags are you gonna be able to find your bug out bag in emergency??

I dont know if the guy was just picking, or trying to make a joke – but either way I was not offended. The comment touches on an important subject that should be discussed. And that is people who are obsessed with survivalism.

Kevin Felts political commentator

These are the types of people that can not lead a normal life because of some “reason.” Whether that reason is nuclear war, outbreak of a new disease, new world order and martial law, the united nations coming to get your guns,,,, whatever the reason may be, these people go around in a constant state of readiness. All they can think about is being ready for some kind of event.

Here is the video that received the comment.


There is no reason to be obsessed with survivalism. Enjoy your life, take it easy and relax. But,,, and here is another factor, whether someone obsesses or not also depends on their level. I have come to the conclusion that survivalist have levels. Here are some examples of the levels – there are the noobs, the intermediate, the junior, the senior and then there are the master survivalist.

These levels cover how well the person is prepared and their mind set. Someone could have 2 years worth of food stocked up, but still be a noob. Because their mindset is also a factor.

Just imagine how well a person is prepared and their mindset as 2 separate bar graphs. The average of the two defines the persons level. Someone might have a prepardness level of 8, but a mindset of 2. So their average is a 5.