Coleman 533 Dual Fuel Camp Stove

Coleman 533 dual fuel stove

The Coleman 533 dual fuel stove may not be small enough to take on an extended hiking trip, but its just right for around a camp site such as a park or survivalist retreat. If you need a stove to take to the lake or local park, then take a look at the Coleman 533 dual fuel stove.


  • Dual Fuel engineering: operates on clean-burning Coleman Liquid Fuel OR unleaded gasoline
  • Fully-adjustable 10,500-BTU burner
  • 2.1-pints fuel tank runs for up to 2 hours on High setting
  • WindBlock system shields burner for maximum heat and reliable operation in all weather conditions
  • Filter funnel included

Using The Coleman 533 Stove

While using the Coleman 533 it worked just as expected. It did well with heating up food, and being able to use more then one type of fuel is an extra bonus.

This is the type of stove that would be good for a deer camp, or bug out location. I think its a little heavy and bulky for backpacking.

A liquid fuel stove like the Coleman 533 is bulkier and a little more difficult to operate than propane, liquid fuel is supposed to give more cook time than propane. Also, since this is a dual fuel stove, being able to use gasoline is a big plus. Worse case situation, siphon fuel out of an ATV, or out of a vehicle, and use the fuel in the stove.

The Coleman 533 would be an ideal stove for a bug out location.