Mexico’s Response to the Swine Flu

Health officials in Mexico first noticed unusual cases of flu and pneumonia in mid – late March, 2009. The World Health Organization in notified in late March, and again on April 9th. But the WHO did not take action until late April.

Here is the article on WHO may have dropped ball with Swine Flu.

Between late March, and late April, what did the health officials of Mexico do?  I do not remember seeing anything about a travel advisory to Mexico be posted because of unusual cases of flu and pneumonia. No real action was taken by Mexico, or the World Health Organization until the swine flu had already spread outside of Mexico and containment was impossible.

Nations have a right to defend their borders, and this includes against the invasion of viruses.  There is a lot more here then just a nation that put some people in quarantine. The health officials of Mexico have displayed a serious disregard for public health. And not just for the citizens of Mexico, but for people all over the world.

Perhaps the doctors and government officials in Mexico have never heard of the flu outbreak of 1918 where an estimated 20 – 50 million people died.

Those quarantines are supposed to help stop another outbreak like what happened in 1918, and what happened to London in 1665 – 1666 with the Bubonic Plague. But for some reason its supposed to ok for people to spread the swine flu?

The entire world is very lucky this swine flu has between a 1% – 10% fatality rate. Because by the time the government of Mexico took any kind of action, the outbreak was impossible to contain. And now, its as if the Mexico government does not care if the virus continues to spread. The government officials of Mexico should be ashamed of their selves for their conduct. Overall, they have displayed an immature and unprofessional attitude about this whole swine flu situation.

And now the big question. Is this what we can expect in the next outbreak? What if the next virus is more deadly then the swine flu? Will the next country that the outbreak comes from display a relaxed attitude like the Mexican government did? If so, the people all across the world could be in for a big surprise if a deadly virus ever breaks out.