Youtube Censorship of Hunting Videos

Since when is hunting considered animal cruelty? Well, it seems that the management of youtube thinks that hunting is just that, animal cruelty. Or, is youtube bowing to political pressure? Over the past few months youtube has started removing hunting videos. The reason –  hunting videos depict animal cruelty.

One of my videos that showed how to skin a squirrel was removed from youtube. The squirrel was legally taken according to the laws of the State of Texas (where I live) and was taken in a humane manner. The video was removed on December 20th. On that same day I sent an email back to the people at youtube asking if I could get a reason “why” the video was removed. Four days later and I still do not have an answer.

whitetail deer hunting post shtf

While doing a few google searches to try and find out why the video was removed, I found a fishing website where a guy posted that youtube had removed one of his hunting videos. According to him, the management of youtube considers hunting animal cruelty. I also found several “animal rights” websites where the members make it a habit of trolling youtube with the sole purpose of reporting hunting videos. On one of these animal rights sites, several people said they report every hunting video they see.

What do you say about people that force their mindset on others? Its not enough to complain, some of these people are obsessed with forcing those around them to live a certain way.

How does this affect you?

If you care about your freedom of speech, the actions by the management of google and youtube should be of serious concern.

We are not talking about videos that violated someones copyright. These are videos that certain groups of our society thought were offensive. As a result, the management of youtube removed the videos.  When a company plays a role in censoring what people view, in those actions the people should be offended.

Hunting – a basic human right

Hunting is a basic human right that has sustained our species for tens of thousands of years.  The human body is designed to be an omnivore.  Meaning that we can eat just about anything – including meat.

If someone decides to eat meat, the animal rights activist should respect that.  As a hunter it is my responsibility to make sure that the animal is killed in a humane manner and with as little pain as possible.  From some of the slaughter house videos I have seen, taking a deer with a Marlin 336 chambered in 30-30 is a lot faster then the way cattle are processed in slaughter houses.

Freedom of speech

Citizens of the USA find it difficult to imagine a news reporter being arrested for an article written on an elected official.  The very concept of living without the write to speak or write is foreign to a lot of us.  However, it does still happen all around the world.  If the citizens of china speak out, their communist government will arrest and hold them in prison as a political dissidents. Is this what is in store for the citizens of the USA?

When the communist government of china asked google to censor the search results of its citizens, the management of google bowed before the almighty dollar, before the communist and in front of the world.

When dealing with the people at google and youtube, keep in mind the dollar beats human rights any day.

Action against youtube and google

When someone signs up for a youtube account there is a terms of use agreement that the person has to agree to.  When someone uploads a video to youtube, youtube can remove the video for any reason.  Regardless if I agree with “why” the video was removed, that is not important.  The anwser is just not to upload videos to youtube.  If the management of youtube can not respect peoples right to speak,   then we should turn a blind eye to youtube.

The answer is to find another video hosting site to upload your videos to.