Coleman Exponent Sleeping Bag Review

An unbiased review of the Coleman exponent sleeping bag by trained professionals (not really). Both of my kids liked the sleeping bag and found the bag to be comfortable. But, the bag is supposed to have a comfort rating of 32 degrees. Even with temps around 36 degrees, my daughter was still cold, but my son slept good. Here are their stories.

Even though my daughter had a US Army Poncho liner and a fleece blanket in the sleeping bag with her, she was still cold. It might have helped if she would have had a sleeping pad between the ground and the sleeping bag. But we did not have any pads with us, just a poncho thrown on the ground. I told her she needs to develop some warmth skills, like in a role playing game. She did not find that too funny, in fact she just gave me an evil look like I was stupid or something.

Coleman Exponent sleeping bag

My son had his sleeping bag in his hammock, along with a fleece blanket and slept comfortable.

Overall, the sleeping bag seems to be of good quality. However, being made in China the bag is over priced. Coleman has a lot of these products made in Communist China and then puts a “Made in the USA” price on them. If you can catch this bag on sale, or at a reduced price it is a worth while buy.

After the camping trip with my kid I bought a Coleman exponent sleeping bag and used it on several camping trips. As long as the temps were in the lower 40s, the bag was comfortable.

Stuff sack leaves a lot to be desired. When cinching the straps down, there was an sound of the stitching tearing. I eventually replaced the stuff sack for my Coleman exponent sleeping bag.

Would I take the Coleman exponent sleeping bag on another camping trip?  Sure I would.  However, that is only if nighttime temperatures do not get into the upper 30s.

Even though the bag is rated at 32 degrees, this is more like a 40 degree bag.