The Winner of the 2008 Presidential Election Is

I would like to be the first to announce the winner of 2008 presidential election, and its Twiddle Dumb. Lets all give him a warm welcome as our new Supreme Leader.

Under his reign you can expect 4 more years of:
Higher taxes
The continued bail out of the banking system
The continued bail out of wall street
Oil companies reporting record profits – while consumers pay record prices
More unemployment – which is caused by
More free trade
No national health insurance
No caps on medical expenses
Protection for companies against law suits

Regardless of whether you voted for mccain or obama, you are going to get 4 more years of the same ole stuff.

Its called divide and conquer – and the American people are divided. This election has been cast as 2 opposing parties and men. What really cracked me up, this morning I was watching the world news, and they had a table set up with 4 political analyst – 2 democrats and 2 republicans. The table was arranged dem, rep, dem, rep – and they were going to be discussing todays election. Topics of how one party did this and one party did that were being tossed out.

There are a few things that have not been discussed in this election:
How both parties support free trade.
How both parties supported the wall street bail out.
How both parties support the income tax.
How both parties supported North American Free Trade Agreement
How both parties supported the Patriot Act.
How both parties allow our president to violate peoples basic human rights in the Guantanamo Bay prisons.
Continued support and benefits for millions of illegal immigrants.
Both parties supported a law to protect companies from law suits. So if a company makes something that harms you, and you sue, the amount you can receive is already defined by law.

It is simply amazing how the American people turn a blind eye to these issues, and how the two major political parties have voted in the past.

Where are the real reporters at? Where is the real news of how people are held for years without trial and tortured just because the government “thinks” they have information. Why isnt the news media asking real questions about real issues that face our nation. Why is nobody asking about how many jobs free trade with China has cost the USA.

The answer is – we have no real news reporters or real news stations.

Where are the stories of how McCain or Obama will end social services for illegal immigrants. Where are the stories where they will stop free trade? When will either of these people end the human rights violations of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners? But we do not want to talk about these issues. Lets just talk about tax cuts. Well, I have news for you, the president just signs the tax bill that the house and senate passes. Your elected Representative is the one who you should be asking about taxes, because all tax bills must be introduced in the House. If a tax bill gets passed that you do not like, call your elected Representative, not your Senator, and dont call the President. When the news reporters talk to the President about taxes, they are talking to the wrong person.

Lets use the example of how bill clinton did an about face on the NAFTA treaty. He said during the whole election that he would NOT sign the NAFTA treaty. And when he did sign it, he said – “when I got into office, I found out things were a little more complicated then I knew.” But the American people were “promised” that the NAFTA treaty would not be signed.

REGARDLESS of what mccain or obama said during the election – they just told you want you wanted to hear so you would vote for them. Get ready for 4 more years of the same ole thing, if not worse.

If you want real change in this nation – and not the Obama kind of change. Then the time has come to vote for another party. For the past 13 years I have voted straight line Libertarian Party. This is more then just a vote for a party. Its a vote in hope for real change. Visit the Libertarian Party website, and in the next election vote for real change – vote for someone running on the Libertarian Party ticket.

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