The Libertarian Party, Our Only Real Answer

How many times do people have to vote for the two major parties before they realize there is no difference?

It took both parties to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement – NAFTA

It took both parties to pass the banking bailout scam.

It took both parties to pass the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – GATT.

It is taking both parties to continue this war in Iraq.

It took both parties to establish the income tax.

It took both parties to send millions of our jobs to China, Taiwan and India.

It has taken both parties to increase our taxes to where they are today.

Do you realize that the average American spends about 1/2 of their income on taxes?
1. Social Security
2. Medicare / Mediciad
3. Income Tax – both at the state and federal levels
4. Property Tax
5. Sales Tax
6. Fuel Tax on Gasoline
7. FCC charges on your cable TV bill
8. FCC charges on your phone bill

And this is only part of the list.

Both parties have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to flood our social services programs.

Both parties have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the USA taking jobs from people who need them.

Both parties have allowed chemical plants to pollute our rivers, lakes and streams.
And you really think that McCain or Obama is going to change anything? I heard these same exact lies in 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and now in 2008. How much is enough? How many times do the American people have to be lied to? Every president as far back as I can remember has filled the public with their lies. Each candidate will tell one group of people what they want to hear, then tell the people at the next town what they want to hear. Its not the truth, its not what that person stands for. It is what they need to tell you to get your vote.

If you want real change, the 2 major parties will have to be removed from office. And the only way to do that is to vote for a real party, a party with real answers to real problems.

Vote for the Libertarian candidate running in your area. –

In 1994 the North American Free Trade Agreement was a hot topic during the presidential elections. On one side of the line was George Bush SR. – who was in favor of free trade. On the other side was Bill Clinton who said he was opposed to free trade.  After Bill Clinton was elected President, he made the passage of NAFTA a major legislative priority in 1993. This is just one example of how the presidential candidates have lied and misled the people.

If you want real change, vote for the Libertarian Party.

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