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  • Scouting a month before hunting season
    Here in Texas rifle season starts the first weekend o November. So we have a little over a month before season starts so I decided to head out to a local river and public hunting lands to do some scouting. I started off where I want to put up the climbing stand then worked my […]
  • Scouting Public Hunting Lands on The Neches River Near Jasper Texas
    Looking for a hunting spot on public hunting lands near Jasper Texas off the Neches River. The Neches River starts north of Jacksonville Texas and in one of the longest rivers in the state of Texas and is an estimated 416 miles long. All along the Neches river are areas of public hunting lands that […]
  • The Ship has No Captain
    The United States is a ship without a captain. President biden has proven he can not lead the nation, and Harris has shown she would rather flee to a foreign nation than to address the issues at home. How much longer until biden is either removed, or forced to step down. I seriously doubt he […]
  • Johnson and Johnson booster shot for covid
    Recap - We have two weeks to stop the spread of covid; we have to extend the lockdowns to stop the spread of covid; if everyone will social distance and wear a mask we can stop the spread of covid; the only way to stop covid is if we all get vaccinated; the only way […]