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  • Prepping for War with China
    What would a war with China look like? I figure it would be over in a matter of days with both sides agreeing to a cease fire, but only if nuclear weapons are involved. However, I feel China could out last the United States in both a nuclear and conventional conflict. The vast majority of […]
  • How and Why China Became a Global Threat
    Chances are the world is heading towards a conflict with China, not just over Taiwan, but also over Chinas military expansion and imperialism. So how did we get to this point? The answer is more complicated than it seems. There are two driving factors that have resulted in China becoming a world leader and displacing […]
  • Planting Onions in a Fall Garden
    Got the onions planted for my 2021 - 2022 fall / winter garden. Rows were made up the day before with a tractor and cultivator, fertilized with 21-0-0, the onions were soaked in water overnight, then planted today. When onion sets arrive at the store they are typically distress and dry from being transported. A […]
  • Planting 2021 - 2022 Fall Winter Garden
    Planted a large portion of the 2021 - 2022 fall and winter garden today. Used a Massey Ferguson 231 with a cultivator to make the rows up, which are around 125 feet long. Then used a mixture of 13-13-13, 21-0-0 and 10-20-10 fertilizer depending on what was going to be planted in the row. I […]
  • Scouting Public Hunting Lands Neches River
    Here in Texas rifle season starts the first weekend o November. So we have a little over a month before season starts so I decided to head out to a local river and public hunting lands to do some scouting. I started off where I want to put up the climbing stand then worked my […]
  • 5 Best Crappie Fishing Lures, Baits and Jigs
    What are the 5 best crappie lures, baits and jigs? Let's dive into the topic and hopefully get some answers. According to AnglersEscape on youtube these are the best 5 crappie lures: Zoom Marabou jig - 1/8 - 1/64 ounce depending on time of year. Two tailed crappie jig, then a twisty tail, lastly a […]
  • General Electric, best stock of 2019?
    Is General Electric (GE) the best stock to buy in 2019? What gets me, how in the world is GE valued at $10.30, as of March 14, 2019? I know the company has been having some problems, but this is a fortune 500 company. GE stock has been falling for what looks like 5 years. […]