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  • Palmetto state armory cmv rifle kit unboxing
    Unboxing a new Palmetto State Armory cmv rifle kit I got for Christmas. This is the PSA M4 16 inch rifle kit that comes with everything besides the lower receiver. The video was originally posted in 2014. Since that time the rifle I built with this parts kit has become my go to rifle for […]
  • Gear for a Camping / Hunting Trip
    Gear for a hunting / camping trip. Planning a multi-day camping trip to public hunting lands, or maybe to the deer camp that does not have modern facilities such as running water and electricity? Let's put together a gear list that will be both functional and provide comfort for the hunter. Shelter: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx […]
  • Review of the Maxpedition Noatak Gearslinger
    The Maxpedition Noatak is one of my favorite go-to packs for a day in the woods, or a day on the water.The Maxpedition Noatak fits a wide range of needs. It is big enough to take on a day hike, go fishing, and go the 4-wheeler riding. The Noatak Gearsling design makes it easy to […]
  • Homemade Waterproof Matches: Fingernail Polish vs. Wax
    Homemade Waterproof Matches: Fingernail Polish vs. Wax. When it comes to homemade waterproof matches, which one is best, wax or fingernail polish? To answer that question I put together a little video about making homemade waterproof matches. I felt the wax dipped matches worked better than the fingernail polish matches. They seemed to strike just […]
  • Time to Ditch Maglite?
    It may be time to dump Maglite. I have been a loyal Maglite fan for well over 2 decades. In the 1990s when my buddies and I were camping along the swamps of Southeast Texas, Maglite was our first choice as the 3 D cell Maglite fit perfectly vertically in the corner of a medium […]
  • China’s Coming Food Crisis?
    China Uncensored posted a video talking about China's recent change in stance on food. China passed a law making it illegal to waste food, binge eat, overeat... etc. China has also been telling its citizens to stockpile more food. I feel China has a 3 - 4 year plan for its invasion of Taiwan. Telling […]
  • How far apart should hunters be on public hunting lands?
    On public hunting lands how far apart should hunters be? I would say at least 200 yards, but then again it depends on the landscape. 200 yards in the piney woods of Southeast Texas is a lot different than 200 yards in Montana simply because in places like Southeast Texas there may be 200 yards […]