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Fate Of The US 2013 2020

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There is an interesting article on Pravda that talks about how China is going to surpass the US in production, china is dumping the US dollar in favor of rare metals and the Euro.

The question we should be asking ourselves, are the wall street bankers going to go down easily, or are they going to put up a fight?

Meaning, before the world can shift away from the US dollar and adopts the yuan as the world standard currency, will the US and china go to war? Could we imagine the horror if wall street no longer mattered? As china becomes an economic powerhouse and a world leader, where does this put the US banking system?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

The only thing that can save wall streets strangle hold on the economy, is to bring china down.

Economic War

As long as we have free trade with china, there is no hope of the US economy recovering, ever.  As the workers in china demand more money and wages go up, companies will move to the lowest bidder, which is probably going to be Africa.

But, because the economy and the currency in china is controlled by the government, and not by the banks, the government can tilt the playing field in their favor.


Why are humans so violent

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Back in the late 1980s or early 1990s there was a story that came out of Lake Charles Louisiana about a missing girl.  The community had organized search efforts, people organized, looked through wooded areas,  put up posters,,,.

The turning point was when the local police got a list of convicted sex offenders.  One of the sex offenders happened to live close to the girl.  When the police questioned the guy about the girl, he confessed to killing her.  The girls body was still in his house.

It just so happened that the killer also volunteered to search for the girl.

What kind of sicko kills a child, then helps look for the body?

More recently there is the story of the 12 year old girl from New Jersey who was killed for her bicycle.  The accused perpetrators in this act are 15 and 17 years old.

What does this say about the future of our society when children kill each other over bike parts?

Humans are violent creatures

Our history is filled with human-on-human violence – serial killers, war, genocide, the Romans slaughtered the Gauls, the Nazis slaughtered the Jews, Stalin slaughtered the Jews, the United States government slaughtered Native Americans, Hernan Cortes slaughtered the Aztec,, entire cultures have been lost of genocide.

What is so special about one girls life compared to the millions of Gauls who were slaughtered under Julius Caesar?

What is so special about one girls life compared to the millions of Native Americans slaughtered by the U.S. government?

Maybe its because the crime was child-on-child violence?

Maybe its because we should have put violence behind us hundreds of years ago?

During outbreaks of the Black Death in the middle ages, starving parents killed their children, starving children killed their parents, this was so one could Cannibalize the other.

When pushed into dire situations, humans are capable of extreme violence upon each other.

But on the other side of the coin, humans are capable of extreme violence just for the fun of it. What other species has blood on its hands in the name of entertainment?

There is this religious based violence, greed based violence, drug violence,,,.  What other species on earth kills each other for material possessions.  What other species on earth kills each other over an idea?

Why haven’t we evolved past violence

Even though our society has evolved, why is violence so prominent?

Society develops better medicines, we put a rover on Mars, we have welfare to help the lazy and the poor, but we also build better ways to kill each other.

The pinnacle of our society is nuclear weapons, along with chemical and biological weapons.  Why must we find efficient ways to kill each other?

Not only is each generation driven to advance mankind, but we are also driven to find better and more effective ways to kill each other.

Instead of humans becoming a peaceful species, we are clinging to our primal violent ways.  Why is that?  Why do we cling to violence like it is something to be cherished?

We usually hang onto stuff that brings back good memories, or is important to us.  Pictures, letters, baby clothes,,, these are things that are important to us.  Things that we miss.

If we keep things that bring back good memories, why do we cling to violence?  Why are nations ready to go to war, why does society idolize violent sports, such as boxing and rugby, why do nations spend so much money on military weapons?

Between the 1950s and 1970s the United States and the Soviet Union were in a race to see how many nuclear weapons they could build.  How many times can we destroy the world?  Why do nations spend billions of dollars on developing weapons to kill more people?

Wouldn’t humanity be better served through peaceful endeavors, instead of building weapons of war?

Is the United States prepared for a major conflict

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Infrastructure – Have you been keeping up to date on our infrastructure? We can not even keep our bridges updated, how are we supposed to fight a war with a major world power?

How many power plants have been built in the past 25 years? Not enough to stop rolling blackouts in peak summer months. If we can not even keep the lights on, how are we supposed to fight a war?

How many steel factories have been closed over the past 30 years?

Do we have the capability to make enough steel to build ships?

Shipyards – How many shipyards have been closed in the 1980s?  Maybe dozens. Shipyards all along the gulf coast have been closed and demolished over the past 30 years.

In the early 1980s as the U.S. started importing more oil from OPEC, the need for offshore drilling rigs declined.

Two major shipyards in the southeast Texas area closed in the 1980s – Livingston shipyard in Orange Texas and Bethlehem shipyard in Beaumont Texas.  Both shipyards were stripped and the equipment sold off to the highest bidders.

The old American Bridge yard in Orange Texas is still in place.


Worried about a war with Iran

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Guys and gals, I am worried about the U.S. attacking Iran, and then the crap hitting the fan.

Let me rephrase that, I am worried about how Russia and china will react if Iran is attacked.

* During this article china will not be capitalized. As I have no respect for a communist government that oppresses its people.

Russia nor china want permanent U.S. bases in the middle east. An attack on Iran might be viewed as imperialism on part of the U.S. Meaning, we are encroaching closer and closer to Russia and china.

As Russia and china are backed into a corner, sooner or later something will have to give. If something gives, how well is the U.S. and the general public prepared for an all out war with a major world power?

Are the people ready to be rationed food?
Are the people ready to be rationed fuel?
Are the people ready to have their lives disrupted?
Can the U.S. afford another war?

As nations start to compete for resources, Iran is a gold mine.

Step 1 – demonize Iran so that the U.S. public think they have no other choice then to go to war. Its either go to war, or allow Iran to go nuclear.

Step 2 – invade Iran, enter into another decade long war in the middle east.

With the U.S. pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, we need a way to replace the military bases we are losing. How are we going to replace those military bases? By invading Iran.

20 years in the middle east

We have spent close to 22 years in the middle east, late 1990 – 2012. the question is, “why” have we been in the middle east for 20 years? It is not because of the twin towers. After Bin Laden was killed, the twin towers should not be an issue.

The U.S. is nothing more then an occupying force in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The war has been fought, the leaders of the opposition defeated, so why are we still there?  My personal opinion, the U.S. is in the middle east for 2 reasons:  Military bases and access to natural resources.

Military bases in the middle east – we have bases that surround Russia and china.  Think about it, we have military bases from Alaska all the way to Poland.  china and Russia are surrounded by U.S. military bases.

How long will china and Russia allow the U.S. to encroach upon their borders until some kind of military action is taken?

Effects of Globalization on Global Conflicts

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With tensions with china and the U.S. on the rise, what would happen if we went to war with china?

When you buy a product, do you read to label to see where it was made?  How many “made in china” products do you see?  I am willing to bet the majority of products you buy are made in china.

What do you think would happen if everything made in communist china was suddenly cut off from the U.S market?

Clothes, computer parts, shoes, toys,,,,, just about everything we consume is made in Asia.

What would stores like Best Buy and Walmart do without shipments of made in communist china products?  How would the public react if they could not buy the latest and greatest tech toys?  How would the auto industry react if they could not get parts?

How are we supposed to fight a war if we can not even make engines, transmissions, brake pads, computer chips, circuit boards and wheel bearings? How are we supposed to build ships without steel mills?

In the movie Patton starring George C. Scott, Patton made a comment that he knew the Germans were finished.  The Germans had been defeated because they were using horses and wagons instead of armored vehicles.

Think about that for a minute, Patton knew the Germans were defeated when the Germans could no longer manufacture or maintain their vehicles.

Since communist china makes a lot of parts for the industry, where does that leave us?  Will china only have to fight half a war?  1 – stop shipments of parts to the U.S.  2- destroy the limited manufacturing capability we have left.

National security has been sacrificed on the alter of free trade


Why do we do what we do

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survivalistThe age old question, why do we act the way we do? If you have spent any time with other people, you have met someone that is stubborn or so hardheaded that they are difficult to deal with. If you say something, they are ready to tell you how wrong you are. Lets back up a little bit, “why” do people act like that? Why are people stubborn and resistant to change?

Why do we make the decisions that we do?

Why do we act the way we do?

Why does society act the way it does?

Why do we pay taxes like we do?

Why do we vote the way we do?

Why are some cultures in a constant state of conflict?

Why are some cultures in a constant state of peace?

Why are people resistant to change?

Why do we vote the same two failed political parties into office over and over?

Are cultures defined by money, sex, religion, greed,,, all of them, none of them, maybe some of them?


What would war with Iran mean

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The writing is on the wall with Iran, China, and the past 20 years of free trade policy with china. The US has positioned itself in a corner of weakness.  No longer are we a world leader.  More like, the US is the laughing stock to the rest of the world.  We willingly give our factories and technology away so companies can exploit cheap labor, all in the name of maximizing profits.

Our growing dependence on china is going to come back and bite us in the butt.

Part 1

Israel may strike Iran sometime this spring or summer – I got a bad feeling about this.

Growing concern Israel may strike Iran this spring – CBS News

Part 2

Ayatollah Khamenei says the enemies of Islam and the Great Satan (The US) will soon be defeated.

Iran warns world of coming great event

Chinas dependance of oil

China and India both rely on crude oil from Iran. Anything that disrupts the supply of crude to either India or china will cause ripples in the economies of those nations.

The economy of china is slowing down, mainly due to the US being in a recession.  Disrupting the supply of crude oil could be seen as an attack on the nation security of china.  How would the US feel if russia bombed Canada, causing the crude to stop following, which caused gas prices to spike, further repressing the economy.

This is my personal opinion, so take this with a grain of salt, or maybe even a truckload of salt.

I feel that Iran has positioned itself to be made a victim.  Iran is supposed to be developing nuclear power plants for peaceful purposes, but everyone else seems to disagree.

Why would Iran make itself out to be a victim?  To rally support, and have other nations come to its aid. Playing the victim is one of the first steps of jihad.

What I fear, if any nation strikes iran, china will jump in to protect its supply of oil.

I can see China sending anti-air missiles to Iran to protect the oil fields and refineries. Hopefully, no chinese troops will be involved.

The US is in no position to be in disagreement with china. China supplies a massive amount of our electronics. To cut off that supply of products would have a devastating effect on the US economy in the short term.

In the long term, cutting off a supply of products from china might help the US economy, as it would spur construction of new factories to replace the products from china.

The main question I ask myself, can the US fight an extended war with only our onshore manufacturing plants? In other words, “if” we went to war with someone like China, and we were no longer receiving shipments of computer parts, engine parts, computers, raw materials,,, how long could the US sustain its wartime efforts.

Post your comments in this forum thread about the coming conflict with china and iran.

North Korea pushes world to the brink of war

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It seems that someone hit the rewind button, and is replaying 1939 all over again. This time its Kim Jong instead of Hitler.

How long will the world have to wait before something is done about this madman? Will China support this puppet that is acting like a master? How long will Japan tolerate North Korea acting like a bully?

Japan should have the right to defend itself. Regardless of what happened in World War II, it is ever nations right to defend itself.

If the United Nations strikes at North Korea, where will China stand? Since the US Congress has passed all of those free trade treaties, the USA no longer has the ability to fight a large scale war. China on the other hand has one of the largest manufacturing bases in the world – given to them by the by US based companies. Companies like Intel, AT&T have given China the ability to fight a world war, while robbing the USA of our ability to fight – and all for cheap labor.

If the United Nations does strike against North Korea, and China stands with Kim Jong, what is the world to do? China, with is massive standing army, huge manufacturing base, and an almost unlimited workforce is one of the largest threats to world peace since Adolf Hitler. Its not North Korea that we should be worried about, its the pitbull guard dog living in the backyard.

Another option, instead of the UN taking action, just give Japan back its military. Japan is a sleeping giant waiting for its time to awake.

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