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Sean Penn on the Cholera outbreak in Haiti

Sean Penn on the Cholera outbreak in HaitiPlease Rate This Article Sean Penn talks about the Cholera outbreak in Haiti. By the latest number, over 250 dead and over 3,000 infected. Until people start getting safe drinking water, the problem is just going to get worse. Once Cholera gets into the drinking water supply, the […]

Waterborne infections

Waterborne infectionsPlease Rate This Article While reading through a government report on waterborne infections, something interesting came out. Cryptosporidium accounted for about 65% of all waterborne infections. Here is the breakdown: Cryptosporidium accounted for 65% E. Coli accounted for 6.3% Campylobacter 6.1% Giardia 2.1% Shigella Sonnei – 8.5% Norovirus – 8.3% Now lets combine that […]

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