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The Writing Is On The Wall

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The writing is on the wall, the United States is a on road of steady decline, and the U.S. government is preparing for widespread civil unrest.

Now for evidence to backup my statement:

China is Now the Biggest Trading Nation of the World – Forget trading with the United States.  Since the 1990s we have given our factories and our jobs to China.

The dollar is being replaced as the world currency – Now that China has the factories and the jobs, it’s just a matter of time before the before the Chinese yuan replaces the U.S. dollar.

What is the dollar backed by? A promise to repay our debt, and nothing more. What is going to happen when our debt grows to a point where it can not be repaid? Is the federal reserve going to print more money, which will fuel inflation?

The U.S. dollar is backed by nothing. Now its a matter of time before the rest of the world realizes that.

Homeland Security wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years – 1.6 billion rounds? How much ammunition do we need to fight a major conflict, say maybe with China?

Drones over U.S. soil – I sure hope those drones are being used in our war on drugs.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – Just like what happened to Native Americans and Japanese Americans, get ready to be detained without due process, and as long as the government wants.

US Economy Shrank 0.1 Percent In Last Quarter 2012 – The largest shopping time of the year, and the economy shrinks?  Something is seriously wrong there.

Get Your Preps In Order

How does someone prepare for a slow decline? Wages have been stagnated since the 1990s while prices on everything else continue to go up.  The middle class is being forced into poverty, while our infrastructure collapses around us.

We are in a war of attrition with the wealthy, and sooner or later Wall Street is going to win.

Maybe homeland Security is buying ammunition for when the middle class finally collapses?  When people can not afford to buy food and pay rent, something will have to give.

China Outpaces United States As Worlds Largest Trade Partner

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For those of us who have been watching the United States decline since the signing of GATT and NAFTA, we knew it was just a matter of time before the United States was no longer a world leader.

When Bill Clinton signed the GATT and NAFTA trade treaties, we knew it just a matter of time before the U.S. slipped into irrelevance.

U.S. exports and imports for the year 2012 totaled $3.82 trillion.

China’s exports and imports for the year 2012 totaled $3.87 trillion.

Decline of the United States

For the past 20 years free trade has stripped the United States of our factories. If you wanted to start with when the U.S. took its first step towards decline, we need to go back the the 1970s as toy manufacturers moved their factories to china.

In the early to mid-1980s shipyards all across the southern part of the United States shutdown. In southeast Texas alone close to 10,000 people lost their jobs when Bethlehem shipyard in Beaumont Texas and and Livingston shipyard in Orange Texas closed. Those good paying jobs disappeared and have yet to return 3 decades later.

Where did those jobs go? To low wage nations in Asia.

How much more can the middle class take

Wages have been oppressed since the 1990s, which is one reason why I left the welding field.

Price of everything keeps going up while wages are stagnated.  How long until the collapse of 2008 are regular events?

The middle class can barely afford to buy food and pay their basic bills, much less save to buy a home.


The future of generation Y

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My first wife and I had 4 children, which were born between 1987 and 1996. I often what kind of nation we are leaving our children.

The U.S. government is broke, and still continues to spend money like kids in a candy store. Jobs are still be deported to china, illegal immigrants can get a free education, and now with the policies obama put into place, the illegals do not have to worry about being deported.

In 20 – 30 years will anyone have national pride? What is a nation without citizens and borders?  What defines a citizen?  Is it someone that walks across the border, then raises their hand for free benefits?  What good does it do to be born here, when people can just walk across the river and get equal treatment?

Then there is the free trade issue. As our factories move overseas, what are your children and grandchildren supposed to do for jobs?  Those factories also mean national security.  It takes longer to build a factory then it does to retool.  Lets say we go to war with china and russia, where are our factories?

1 – go to college, get massive debt and hope you land a good job.

2 – go into retail.

3 – start your own business. If you had a rich uncle leave you a couple hundred thousand, maybe you can buy a franchise.

4 – learn a skill and got to work in a refinery, welding shop, land drilling rig or off shore drilling rig.

I will tell you something about working in welding shops, as I have 15 years experience. In relation to minimum wage, people 20 years older then me made more money in the 1960s and 1970s then I made in the 1980s and 1990s. Like everything else, the pay for skilled workers has stagnated.

I worked in the welding field for 15 years. There is a physical toll it takes on your health, lungs, vision, fingers, even people being killed.


Enslaving ourselves through debt

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survivalistBanks have gotten a bad rap here lately. Well, its not just lately, banks have had a bad reputation for thousands of years, but that is just the way it is.

The question is, what has empowered banks to have so much power?

The answer is, our greed and our laziness.


Humans are greedy people. If you want evidence to backup that statement, look at Enron. Look at the companies that exploit cheap overseas labor. Look at companies that would rather close a factory and move it to china then to pay a livable wage in the USA.

No other species on the face of the planet kills for fun, or for physical possessions. Humans not only kill for possessions, we destroy families, towns, lives, for money.

Think about that for a minute, how sickening is it that we kill for a piece of paper with ink on it? We have made money our GOD and we worship that GOD in everything we do. Whether its paying our electric bills, buying a car, paying a car note, paying a house note, we are paying homage to our GOD, which is money.


Instead of saving up the money to buy that new TV, and paying cash, we get a credit card. That credit card gives us a sense of power, a sense that we can buy what we want when we want. While this is true, credit cards provide people with an easy line of credit, we hand over our freedom to the banks.

When you owe someone money, you are en-debited to that person. Ever hear of debtors prison? Some of us may remember debtors prison from history lessons while in school.

Years ago, if you owed someone money, the creditor could have the person arrested and put in prison until the family paid the debt.

If you can not afford to save up the money to buy something, why should you borrow money to buy it?

The key to breaking the hold banks have on people, is to become financially self-reliant. This means you depend on yourself to buy that new TV, and not dependent on a loan from the bank.

Want that new car? Then make a deposit in your savings account every month for the same amount as the car note.

If you can not afford to pay yourself a car note, how are you supposed to be able to pay a bank for a car loan? And that is where the weakness lays. Our weakness with money has empowered banks to take control of our lives.

Saving for a college education

Maybe parents have had the wrong idea about saving for a childs college education? Intead of saving money for college, maybe parents should be saving so the child can buy a home?

Which would you rather have, a paid for home, or a college education? In the long run a college education is supposed to pay for itself. But that is not always the way things work out.

Over the span of a working career, lets say 45 years, would saving money on interest for a home loan offset the value of a college education?

There are lots of ways to make money without a college education, just ask a welder or someone who works on a drilling rig.

Instead of the parents saving money, then the children giving that money to a college, how about the children investing the money into a home?

There are three types of freedoms that we enjoy

Transportation – a car lets you come and go as you please

Property – owning your home means you do not have to answer to a landlord.

Money (cash) – means you do not have to answer to a bank when you want to buy something. Cash in hand is more powerful then begging someone at the bank for a loan.

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