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No More Newtowns

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There is an article on The Daily Beast talking about gun control. What I find interesting is the image used in the article.  Someone is holding up a sign that says “No More Newtowns”.  The O of no has an AR-15 with a red slash through it.

Its not the protestors, or the sign, or the article that amazes me.  What really gets to me is people not placing blame where it belongs, which is on the mentally ill who killed other people.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

Why isn’t the nation debt receiving the same attention as gun violence?

Why isn’t free trade receiving as much attention as gun violence?

Why aren’t mentally ill people receiving as much attention as guns?

Why isn’t corporate crime receiving as much attention has gun control?

The simple answer is people need a scape goat for their problems.  Instead of addressing the complex issues, such as the state of mental health in America, lets just ban guns.

Instead of addressing our national debt, high unemployment rates, record number of people on welfare, bank bailouts,,, lets just ban certain types of guns.  For some reason banning the manufacturer and sale of AR-15s is going to magically fix the mental health and depression crisis in America?  Where does that kind of logic come from?

School shootings like Newtown and Columbine have to come to an end.  Liberals and progressives would have us believe restricting certain types of firearms is the answer.

Lets look at mass shootings like a math equation,

(mentally ill + access to guns) x defenseless people = tradegy

All we have to do is remove at least one part of the equation.

1 in 4 United Kingdom youths jobless

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Thank you Russia Today for this video,

From the youtube description

Every fourth person under the age of 25 in Britain is currently out of work. And despite government efforts, many young people say there are no opportunities available for them.

A bored society is a dangerous society. Sooner or later youths will look to blame the lack economic opportunity on “someone.”

High unemployment gives birth to hate groups, civil unrest and violence.

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