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Can Not Legislate a Conscience

Kevin Felts political commentator

If there is one thing that should stop mass shootings, but fails, it has to be the conscience. The conscience is supposed to point people in the right direction. It is supposed to help us help us make the right decision. What happened to the conscience of mass shooters?

What makes mass shooters different from serial killers? Instead of killing a dozen people over the course of a decade like a serial killer, a mass shooter kills a dozen people in a few minutes.

After the Las Vegas and Parkland shootings, the gun grabbers were out in full force. The bodies were still warm when they were offered up as a sacrificial lamb to justify gun control. The bodies were held high, as if to impress the GOD of gun control.

Just as drugs and illegal immigrants slip across the border, so would illegal weapons. If border security can not stop millions of illegal immigrants, what is to assure us illegal guns can be stopped?

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