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Evolve Gameplay Preview

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From the same people who brought us Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike comes the next evolution in multiplayer gaming. Rather than the typical team-vs-team gameplay, Evolve is team-vs-monster, and the monster is a human controlled creature.

In what looks like a copy from the Left 4 Dead series there are 3 men and 1 woman. But is a shift from Left 4 Dead each character in Evolve has a special skill – assault, tracker, medic and support.

The monster evolves be eating other creatures on the planet. The more he eats the more he grows. The more he grows the more skills he gets. When the game starts the monster tries to avoid the hunters until he has evolved enough to defeat them. This puts pressure on the hunters to kill the monster before he evolves into something stronger.

Evolve is in the Steam store, but is not available for pre-purchase. I plan on ordering the game as soon as it becomes available. The release date is estimated to be 3rd quarter 2014, which is around July – September. I suspect Evolve will be postponed until the holidays 2014, maybe early November.

Regardless when Evolve becomes available on the Steam store I plan on getting my pre-order in.

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