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Teacher said I was a bad influence

While I was in High School (Bridge City 1982 – 1986), I overheard a teacher telling another student to stay away from me. The words I heard were, “stay away from him, he is a bad influence”.

If not wanting to jump through hoops for good grades is a bad influence, then so be it.

From the time I started elementary, to the time I graduated, I HATED school. I absolutely hated how the school system intruded into my personal time when I was away from school (home work), I hated how teachers told the students to sit down and shut up, I hated math, I hated how school did not prepare me for the real world, and I hated how school teaches a poor work ethic.

My time is just that, “my time”. What right does the school and the teachers have to treat students like pawns? When students are out of school that is our time. Give students a project, or any type of home work teaches a poor work ethic. Do most people work for free? Do most people take their work home with them, and not get paid? What does homework teach students? That they should work for free?

Lets get back to the teacher

If I saw that teacher in the grocery store (or anywhere else around town), I would probably kick him in the nuts. I would kick him so hard, he would wish he was a eunuch.

This same teacher would show the class anti-abortion films. It was his little way of pushing his religious beliefs on a bunch of teenage kids.

If anything, the teacher was a bad impression on the students he came into contact with.

Its because of mean teachers like that ass-hole I developed my distaste of school and teachers in general. Have you ever met someone you just did not like? Maybe a racist, or a child abuser, or a sex offender,,, that I how I feel about teachers. Teachers (in general) are one step away from child abusers. Not all teachers are child abusers, but a lot are.

How do teachers abuse children? By taking their young developing minds and stomping on them until nothing remains. The “sit down and shut up” attitude of the modern education system chokes the life of out developing minds.

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