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I might have a touch of the flu

Gonna score me some natural antibodies.

Livelong resistance here I come.

Grandson rapid tested positive for a flu last weekend. His kindergarten teacher is out sick this week.

Yesterday I started feeling bad, so maybe I caught the flu.

I doubt this is going to be very rough as I had the flu in the 1990s.

As long as the strains of flu are genetically similar, naturally occurring antibodies will recognize the strain and attack it.

That is one reason why swine flu killed less Americans then it did Mexicans.

In the 1970s there was a flu outbreak, some baby boomers seemed resistant to the outbreak. Its been speculated that the people who were resistant caught a similar strain of flu when they were children.

People who caught the Russian flu in the late 1970s show resistant to the new strain of swine flu.

My goal in life is to build up natural antibodies that will hopefully carry into my old age.

When I get to be 70 years old, get my flu shot, and then guess what, the scientist guessed wrong on which strand of flu was going around. Then I am left with little or not protection against the new strain of flu.

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