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Escape and Evasion Online Broadcast

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The Social Chaos Survival Guide website is offering a free “Escape & Evasion” Online Broadcast! Share your best tip & win a $500 bugout bag! This is a time limited spot, so Reserve Your Spot NOW!!!!!

The online event wil be held on Thursday, Feb 24th (2011) @ 8pm EST.

And Share YOUR Very Best Escape,Evasion & Survival Tips On The Show! Plus: 2 Attendees Will Win A FREE S.C.R.A.M. Bag!

Building a debris shelter

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Our buddy Sticks65 from Planet Bushcraft has posted another excellent video.  This time he builds a shelter out of stuff that he finds in the wilderness.

All the kit I took in my 25lt rucksack is what I would normally take on a day hike.

The kit I had with me was.

*Leuku knife.

*Folding saw.

*Ferro rod.

*Two 1lt bottles of water.

*Swiss ranger stove which has a bottle & metal cup.

*Plastic survival bivvy bag.

*lunch box which contained sandwiches,biscuits and a chocolate bar.

*A cup a soup & instant pasta.

Growing Squash and Zucchini

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zucchini survivalist garden

Zucchini pods with the flower on top

Squash and Zucchini – Squash and Zucchini belong to the same family, and they have the same fertilizer requirements, so lets talk about them at the same time.

One of the benefits of Squash and Zucchini – they can be eaten raw. So you do not have to use precious fuel cooking Squash or Zucchini. For for the namesake of sanitation, lets cook your food to kill any bacteria on it.

Fertilizer – use a well balanced fertilizer such as 13-13-13. Your going to need nitrogen for leaf production and pot ash for the Squash or Zucchini to form.

On the plant there is a female and a male pod. Pollination usually occurs early in the morning while its still cool and the honey bees are out. The bee has to go from the flower on the male pod, to the female flower.

If you want to save the seeds from your squash or zucchini plants, do not plant the two species close to each other. The two types of plants will cross pollinate and the resulting seed will be a hybrid.

When squash and zucchini cross pollinate, the squash will have a green color in it and the zucchini will have a yellow color it in.

There are 2 main types of summer squash – cook neck and straight neck. The crook neck has a rough skin, the straight neck has a smooth skin.

Winter squash can be grown anytime, but a lot of people grow winter squash in the fall and then store it over the winter. Certain types of squash store better then others. Summer squash may store for only a couple of weeks, while certain types of winter squash may store well for months.

From my experience, Zucchini is a little more drought tolerant then Squash. A few years ago I had 2 rows of Squash and Zucchini planted side by side. We did not get any rain for probably 3 weeks. The Squash plants started to wilt and die before the Zucchini plants did.

Zucchini also seems to produce more food then a Squash plant. If you leave a Squash on the plant for a little too long, the outer skin gets a little hard. If you leave a Zucchini on the plant, it just grows bigger and bigger.

If I had to pick one or the other, I would pick the Zucchini over the Squash. Unless we were talking about winter squash. For long term storage, some of the winter squash can be stored for months.

Are you a prepper or a survivalist

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My opinion – preppers and survivalist are not the same thing, there is a big difference.

Preppers – get into survivalism because its the “cool” thing to be doing. “Oh look at me, I have 2 – 3 months of stockpiled food.” They might have gone down to the local store and bought 50 pounds of rice and beans, a couple of flashlights and all of a sudden their a “prepper”.

They might be a prepper, but their a long way from being a survivalist.

Some preppers are attention whores – “Look at me, look at me,,, I live in my mansion and I have a bunch of rice and beans and a flashlight.”  These are the ones that like to show off for the news media friends, family and neighbors.

A real survivalist does not show off.  When SHTF we do not want hordes of people knocking on our door.  They know you have preps.  After all, you preppers showed off everything you have to impress your friends.

Well guess what, after a disaster those same “friends” you showed off to know everything that you have.  And if they are hungry enough, they will come get your “preps”.

Ever hear of the term “loose lips sink ships”?  That is the motto that a lot of survivalist live by.

Survivalist – I know where and what my preps are, and you do not need to know jack. We plan, we think, we survey the situation. To us, “prepping” as you call it, is a lifestyle.

To me – prepping is a waste of time, its a joke, its a fad, its the “hot topic of the day”.  In another month or two, “preppers” will move onto the next fad or hot topic.  To a real survivalist, prepping is a lifestyle.

The difference between a prepper and a survivalist, is like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Prepper – goes to work and shows his teeth to everyone.  Then they brag how he/she brushed their teeth before they went to work.

Survivalist – I thought everyone brushed their teeth before they went to work in the morning, so what is the big deal?

Either your in, or your out, there is no middle ground. Either your a survivalist or your not.

Then there are the closest survivalist, the ones that do not want to come out of the closest and say “Yea, I’am a survivalist”. This is mainly because of the stigma that goes along with the word “survivalist”.

If your a survivalist – then stand up straight, hold your head up and proudly say “I’am a survivalist”. And stop using that sissy word “prepper”.

Post your comments in the preppers set for disaster thread of the forum.

Patio Gardening Project Finale and Review

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This is the finale to our patio gardening project.  So lets discuss how things went, the results and the types of seeds we should stockpile.

Overall, I was how the project went.  Even though the box that the plants grew in was only about 6 inches tall, it seemed that the plants grew pretty good for the amount of sunlight, water and fertilizer they received.

Because the growth of the plants was stunted, lets not grow anything that takes a long time to mature – like watermelons, or squash.

Instead, lets focus on plants that can grow quick, do not require cooking and can be eaten at any time.  A few examples of these include greens, radishes, and cabbage.

Generators and disaster preparedness

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Picking the right generator to power your house during a power outage can be a tricky job. If your serious about getting the right generator for the job, then its time to call in a professional. For this video, Billy Williford of Doug Williford & Son AC and Heating was interviewed. Billy installs Generac generators in the Jasper, Texas area. So if you need a generator, and live in Southeast Texas, give Billy a call at 409-384-5458.

Instead of having to worry about storing gasoline, consider getting a generator that runs off of Propane or Natural Gas. During power outages, gas stations do not have a way to pump gas out of the underground storage tanks. After hurricanes, uprooted trees have the chance of pulling up buried natural gas lines. But with propane, it will stay stored for years.

Post your comments in this thread of the disaster preparedness forum.

Survivalist and Mental Conditioning

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Survivalist should take time to condition themselves to better prepare for a disaster. Its easy to sit in a chair and watch videos, or read articles about survivalism.  But that is not enough.  To really prepare for a disaster, people need to actually do something and practice their skills.

Take the time to expose yourself to adverse conditions, but in a controlled situation.  This will help with the mental and physical conditioning. So that when a disaster does happen, you may better prepared.

Post your comments in the Survivalist Mental Conditioning thread of the forums.

In case your wondering what pack that is in the video, its a Maxpedition Condor II.

Survivalism and the obsession there of

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A recent video I posted on youtube received this comment.

Kev…with so many bags are you gonna be able to find your bug out bag in emergency??

I dont know if the guy was just picking, or trying to make a joke – but either way I was not offended. The comment touches on an important subject that should be discussed. And that is people who are obsessed with survivalism.

These are the types of people that can not lead a normal life because of some “reason.” Whether that reason is nuclear war, outbreak of a new disease, new world order and martial law, the united nations coming to get your guns,,,, whatever the reason may be, these people go around in a constant state of readiness. All they can think about is being ready for some kind of event.

Here is the video that received the comment.


The Survivalist Lifestyle

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Flooding from Hurricane Ike Recently I was asked “how long I have been prepping?” That set off a whirlwind of thoughts about my life. Everything from my grandparents farm, to my dad taking my brother and I hunting, to my 1st and 2nd grade teachers going over duck and cover drills and what a nuclear explosion looked like, to watching our jobs and factories move to China, to camping next to the marsh in Bridge City, Texas, to hurricane Andrew, to watching what happened with Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike,,, the list might be a mile long.

To answer the question, Survivalism is a lifestyle, not a fad. Go ask a marathon runner what kind of quick diet he/she in on, they might give you a snicker and an evil look in return. To get into shape one has to make lifestyle changes. Training for a marathon is not something your going to do in a week, or even a month.

The same goes with being a Survivalist and Survivalism. Prepping is not going to the local local big box mart and buying a few cases of bottled water or a few cases of dried foods or canned foods, its a lifestyle change.

Its impossible to stay in a constant state of readiness. So after awhile survivalist noobs get burned out. They keep asking “when is the shtf?” After a little while they lose interest and pick up another hobby or move to the next fad.

People think they can lose a few pounds and keep it off be eating certain foods for a few weeks. But they get burned out eating only those foods. Sooner or later they go back to their normal eating patterns and the extra weight comes back. To lose weight you have to make a lifestyle change and permanently change what you are eating.

Being a true survivalist requires a lifestyle change. We do not go around waiting for SHTF, but when it does happen we are ready. We do not go down to the local big box mart, buy 20 pounds of rice – and then brag to our friends that we are “prepping”. we’re prepping, we are having so much fun being a survivalist,,,. Yea, right, ok, go blow smoke somewhere else.

If you are serious about getting ready for a disaster and adopting the survivalist lifestyle – this decision should not be taken lightly. Its a long road full of twist, and wrong turns. Its easy to get side tracked, I know, I have been there and done that.

To get started, sign up at the survivalist forum and post your questions there.

Wilderness survival books

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Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival

A new wilderness survival books section has been added to online store lineup. These are the kinds of books that every hiker, camping or even day hikers should include in their pack. Whether your trip is 1 day or a week long excursion – its always good to have a book on wilderness survival in your pack. Some people may say “why do I need one of those books for?” Besides covering topics such as first aid, navigation, wild foods, and shelter building, these books also discuss a wide range of other topics.

I (Kevin) personally recommend the SAS Survival Guide and the US Army Survival Manual. Both of those survival books are an excellent source of information.

Visit the wilderness survival forum


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tents Whether your just going camping, or bugging out to a friends house, its important to have some tents on hand. Keep in mind that if you and your family need to leave your home, tents offer portable shelter.  During hurricane season, hundreds of thousands of people evacuate, and have nowhere to go.  Having your own portable shelter provides more options on where to spend the night at.

Besides tents, every family member should have a sleeping bag, pillow, and maybe even a cot or air mattress. During an evacuation, having your own portable shelter provides more options then having to stay in a shelter supplied by city, church, or some other organization.


Portable water storage example

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Sometimes local feed and fertilizer stores will get 16 gallon drums in stock – these can make excellent water storage solutions. Most of the time they were used to ship some kind of syrup, and the inside smells like Dr. Pepper. These may not be good for storing drinkable water, but will probably make a good hand washing station.

Pandemic flu alert level reaches phase 5

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised its pandemic flu alert level to phase 5.   Source – Yahoo News.  Here is a link to the WHO website and press release – WHO goes to phase 5 on swine flu.

What does this mean?  It means that the outbreak can not be contained.

In response to this situation, the Survivalist Forum has opened a Swine Flu Forum section.  Please post any questions or comments that you have in that forum.

Cases of swine flu have been confirmed in the USA, Austria, Canada, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. Confirmed swine flu related deaths have been reported in Houston, Texas and Mexico.

Our fragile infrastructure

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If memory serves me right, sometime around 1998 somone in the Atlanta, Georgia was using a tractor with a post hole digger to put in a new fence.  The post hole digger cut through a major fiber optic line that provided service to Atlanta, Georgia and several outlying areas.

Estimates at the time were that about 250,000 people did not have phone or internet for about half a day.

On April 8th or 9th, Vandals cut four fiber optic lines.  Which caused a phone and internet outage for AT&T and Verizon users in the south Bay Area and Central Coast.

The infrastructure of the USA is about as fragile as it can get. When a couple of vandals can cut a fiber optic line, and shut down businesses across a whole state – something is wrong. This is a good example of how ill prepared this nation is for a real disaster.

On a side note, someone from youtube sent me this video with the following message – Government Test Run Folks!!! Meaning, that some people think that the government is doing stuff like this to see how people will respond to some kind of disaster. Or to see how people will respond to lack of communication with the outside world.

Not only has communications been shutdown, but ATM machines do not work, credit card machines do not work. Every day life has been disrupted with this one act.

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