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Haters are gonna spread hate

If there is one thing that pisses me off, it has to be when someone signs up on the Survivalist Boards Forum, then threatens to sue me when they receive a newsletter.

1 – when you register at the forum there is an option to opt out of the newsletter.

2 – unsubscribe information is included in EVERY newsletter. Can you read that? In “every” newsletter. Not some of the newsletters, not in every other newsletter, unsubscribe information is included in “every” newsletter.

Do not get pissed off at me because you can not read. What the hell people, take time to manage the accounts you create on websites. If you created an account, then take responsibility for your actions.

If you sign up on a forum, then complain that you received a newsletter, you are nothing more then a deadbeat user – kinda like a dead beat parent who does not want to take responsibility for the children you create.

The people that complain about getting a newsletter are probably the same people who blame everyone else for their problems.

Panic buying before a disaster

Panic BuyingWhen the public has and kind of advanced warning of a disaster – such as a hurricane or pandemic disease – people go into a panic buying mode. Keep this one thing in mind – if you do not have it before the panic buying kicks in, you will not be able to get it.

These images were taken as Hurricane Ike was approaching the Texas coast in September of 2008. The list of items that disappears off the shelf first is rather short, but still long. It includes canned foods, bottled water, camp stoves and camp stove fuel, bread, flashlights, and other odd and end items.

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Questions about survival gear

Questions about survival gearPlease Rate This Article If you have a question about survival gear, then visit the survival gear forum. Regardless if your looking for candles, flashlights, bug out bags (BOBs), alice packs, molle packs, or anything else, the community is there to help you. It does not matter what kind of disaster your […]

Plans for 2009

Plans for 2009Please Rate This Article As I look back 0n 2008, I also look forward to 2009. Over the past few months I have not been my usual self. Korey (my son) got a deer this hunting season, and so far that is all we have gotten is that one deer. Tomorrow is the […]

The winner of the presidential election is

The winner of the presidential election isPlease Rate This Article I would like to be the first to announce the winner of todays election, and its Twiddle Dumb. Lets all give him a warm welcome as our new Supreme Leader. Under his reign you can expect 4 more years of: Higher taxes The continued bail […]

Day Hike in October

Day Hike in OctoberPlease Rate This Article On October 4th, 2008 my son and I went on a day hiking trip. Before we left the truck I got out the Garmin GPS and the topo maps and saved the truck as a waypoint. We also brought along a rifle for protection against wild hogs, snakes […]

Barricaded store fronts during a disaster

When some type of disaster occurs, the owners of a store will take measures to protect their business and their property. A lot of places like wal-mart will stack bales of compressed cardboard in front of the doors.

These blocks of compressed cardboard act as a barricade to help stop people from driving cars or trucks through the front doors. Most of the time the front doors of these large stores will be made of glass – which offer little to no protection from a car or truck. During the Rodney King riots, some store owners also used these blocks of cardboard as bullet stops. Its kinda difficult for a bullet to penetrate 3 – 4 feet of compressed cardboard. The store owners were able to band together behind these blocks of cardboard, and stop the crowds of looters from destroying their stores .

This video was filmed just before Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas.

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