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Hybrid Shake Flashlight Review

One thing about a shake flashlight – you do not have to worry about the batteries going out. A few days ago I was watching one of those TV shows about survival. The guy in the show was talking about urban survival in a post apocalyptic world.

While scavenging through a building, the star of the show was talking about his flashlight, which was a maglight that used D sized batteries. There was a mention of looking out for batteries for the flashlight. My thought was – why not use a shake flashlight? That way your not dependent on batteries.

Instead of having to rely on disposable batteries, look into getting a few hand crank – shake flashlights. That way you do not have to worry about scavenging batteries.

Please post your comments in the Hybrid Shake Flashlight Review thread of the forums. Special thanks goes to for supplying the flashlight for this review.

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