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Where Do You Find Your Happiness

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Happiness, what is it, where does it come from and where can it be found.  I turn 49 years old in 2017.  As I look back there have been various times when I was happy.  I can look back at the 1990s and think of times when I was happy, and a lot of times when I was not happy.

There have been times when I was very happy with a job.  Such as when I worked at various welding shops in Southeast Texas.  Some of them were good to work for, some were terrible.

The worst kind of happiness is that which depends upon others.


Sissification Of America

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Whatever happened to men being men and women being women?  Its gotten to the point where men are sued when they show sexual attraction to a woman.

Take this news article from Dallas Texas, where a woman is suing LA fitness because the trainers made sexual comments and made had her do sexual types of exercises.

Holy hell, really?  A woman hires a couple of male trainers, then gets mad when they come onto her?  Sounds to me like the lady needed to hire a female trainer, and not a lesbian trainer either.

Hopefully this case will get thrown out.  If a woman does not like men coming onto her, she needs to stay out of gyms and move to a deserted island.

I am ashamed of humanity.  Women are sexual objects, there is no way to get around it.  There is a reason why women have boobs, so men can have something to look at while women talk.

I just want bang bang bang from Group X sums up the male mentallity,

I do not want to know your name,
I do not want to meet your parents,
All I want is bang, bang, bang,,,,.

And women, that is the way it is.

Fake People

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While I was working in one of the various welding shops in southeast Texas, one of my coworkers told me about his theory of fake people.  I would like to share that theory with all of you.

A fake person is someone who has no identity of their own.  They have no hobbies that set them apart from anyone else.  When the fake person is around other people, they adopt the attitude of the people the fake person is around.

I am going to use a certain individual that I know.  He is in his late 20s, married and has three children.  He also adopts the lifestyle of whoever he is around.

When he was living with a girlfriend a few years ago, his apartment was always spotless.  He kept his truck clean,,, just an overall clean person.

That relationship ended, and he started dating a certain woman, who I only know to describe as whitetrash.  She comes from a welfare family, house is nasty looking, trash in the yard,,, just stuff like that.

Instead of keeping a clean house, the guy adopted to living like whitetrash.  The yard is full of trash, the floors of the house are nasty, dogs chained in the front yard, just your typical whitetrash family.

How does this relate to survivalism


My wife had a hysterectomy part 3

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I can honestly say the surgery turned my wifes life around.  No more shooting pains, no more heavy periods, no more leaking bladder.  Besides all of those positive things, there is no more personal time between us.  She walks by me like I do not exist.  The floors, dishes, clothes,,, are more important then extending a hand to me, or offering to give me a hug.

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If I say something to her about the way she is acting, she comes back asking if I want to live in a dirty house. We can not do both? We can not have an affectionate relationship and a clean house at the same time?

This morning I asked her about going walking after work, her reply showed little to no enthusiasm. But yet she could clean the house before company came over yesterday.

I am wondering if my wife is becoming a-sexual (no interest in sex) after the removal of her ovaries.  When an animal is castrated, they lose interest in sex, why should women be any different.

I would like to think our relationship is fine. But when she does not want to do anything with me, what am I supposed to think.

We are 6 weeks post-op, and about 2 weeks on artificial estrogen.

She is supposed to go back to the doctor in about 2 weeks for a checkup, and we will go from there.

What is life

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Its a pretty simple question, what is life? Is it as simple as a heart beat? As long as the heart is beating we have life? Surely there is more to it then that.

Where does love and relationships fall into the picture of life? Without love, friends, family and relationships, is life worth living? Would you “really” want to be stuck on a desert island all by yourself forever? Some people might say “sure, why not?” But after awhile your going to start missing other people.

People are social animals, we like to mix, mingle and herd up into groups. Just look at sports events where 100,000 people might be in a stadium. Look at music concerts where people share a similar interest.

Back in June (2010) my 14 year old daughter called and told me she wanted to spend the summer at her mothers house. Knowing that kids need their room and space, I said ok and acted like nothing was wrong. Regardless of what I showed on the outside, I was heart broken on the inside. To get ready for summer vacation, I had built my daughter a new computer – dual core AMD 245, 2 gigs of pc800 memory, 160 gig SATA drive. It was not exactly top of the line, but it was a lot better then the single core Pentium 4 she was using. I had laid a book on my daughters bed for her to read – “The Raven: a Biography of Sam Houston”. My daughter has always shown interest in our families history, and a little interest in Texas history. And then she had a brand new game on her computer desk to play on her new system. Everything had been laid out of her, and she did not come of the summer. After getting the news she wanted to stay at her moms house, I walked into her bed room, looked around, and felt like crying. The tears were held back, but only for a little while.

My 16 year old son came to my house for the summer – and we had a great time. A few months ago my dad gave me his old aluminum boat. My son were out on the Angelina river fishing, camping, swimming. My nephew, my son and I went on a camping trip in July – the heat was terrible, but the fishing was good. On another fishing trip my son and I spotted some gators, it was the first time my son and seen gators in the wild like that. Having grown up in Bridge City Texas and spending a lot of time on Cow Bayou swimming and hyrdo-sliding, seeing gators was no big deal to me.

So what is life? Its an odd mix of love, heartbreak, relationships, friends, family,,,, and everything else we go through in our daily lives.

Urban survival tips for men

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Just a few tips to help the average male survive in the urban jungle.

When the garbage gets full, take it out. This does not mean stomp on the top of the trash, to try to get another beer can in.

Since the topic of beer was brought up, lay off a little bit so your beer belly will go down.

Help take care of the yard.

Take your dirty clothes to the wash room.

Rinse your plate off and put it into the dish washer.

If your wife mentions having her nails painted, offer to do it for her. Whether if you really want to or not, its the thought that counts. And if you mess up, there is always fingernail polish remover.

Buy your wife something at least once a month. And do not try to get off cheap.

Help with the dishes.

Help with the kids.

Spend time with the family.

A little patience goes a long way.

Listen to your wife / girlfriend and pay attention when she speaks.

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