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FBI says Sikh shooter killed himself

The FBI has made a statement saying Wade Michael Page died of a self-inflicted gunshot after he was wounded by a police officer that had responded to the call for help.

Wade Page has been accused of opening fire inside of a Sikh, killing 6 people.

Police have also said Wade Michael Page had relations with white supremacist groups. He played in bands called Blue Eyed Devils and Definite Hate, and in 2005 created a group called End Apathy, the Southern Poverty Law Center said.

On August 5, 2012 Wade Michael Page is accused of entering a Sikh and opening fire with a semi-automatic handgun.

Politically Correct Racial Terms

Politically Correct Racial TermsPlease Rate This Article If blacks are called african-americans, then why aren’t: whites called euorpean-americans; mexicans called central-american-americans, or better yet, spanish-central-american-americans; brazilians – portuguese-south-american-americans; Maybe mexicans should be called spanish-americans, instead of latinos? Canadians should be called French-Americans. Since we do not want to discriminate against any certain country, mexicans could […]

The George Zimmerman Issue

This George Zimmerman issue is getting really out of hand. From the evidence I have seen, the only reason, and I mean “THE” only reason why George Zimmerman is on trial, is from pressure from the black community.

White on black violence – black community demands some kind of action.

Black on white violence – the black community is silent.

Where is justice in that?

When is the news media, and the black community going to start demanding equal rights and justice for all? That “equal” part includes not ignoring black on white violence.

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