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Brownells Pmag Backorder Problem

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Seems Hitler is pissed about Brownells PMAG backorder problem. At 30 seconds into the video, its said Brownells shipped pmags to some guy on AR15 forum who ordered his the week before. I do not know if this is true or not, its just what the video says.

I ordered my PMAGS from Brownells on December 19, 2012. As of January 29, 2013 they still have not shipped.

I also have a PMAG order in at LaRue Tactical, placed on the same day as the Brownells order, and the LaRue Tactical order has not shipped yet either.

After all of this panic buying does down this should make for some interesting topics of conversation.

Stockpiling AR-15 Magazines for SHTF TEOTWAWKI

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Over the past 15 – 16 years I have been building up a stockpile of AR-15 magazines. My buddies and I would go to various gunshows where I would buy various AR mags.

Then I realized a lot of the AR-15 magazines I been buying were junk. Either the followers would stick, or the feed lips were bent. When I replaced the followers of GI mags with anti-tilt P-mag followers, I had to cull several magazines.

One day a buddy of mine who served two tours in the middle east told me how much he liked P-mags.  I took him at his word and bought some.  Lets just say I was impressed right off the bat.

From now own, all I am buying are P-mags.  I see no reason to buy gunshow surplus aluminum AR-15 magazines that I am either going to have to fix, or cull if the follower sticks.  Even if the gunshow surplus magazines work, the factory follower will have to be replaced with P-mag anti-tilt followers anyway.

If I am going to spend the money for surplus magazines, then buy the anti-tilt followers, why not just buy a new P-mag to start with?

Then I found this video.

I have had AR-15 magazines stored at the Bug Out Location for somewhere around 15 – 20 years. Since the housing is made out of aluminum there is no rust, unlike the steel AK-47 magazines.  As long as the magazines stayed dry, everything is fine.

The Magpul P-mag on the other hand has no parts that will either rust or corrode.  The housing is made out of a polymer, and the spring is stainless steel.

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