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Patio Gardening Project Finale and Review

Patio Gardening Project Finale and ReviewPlease Rate This Article This is the finale to our patio gardening project.  So lets discuss how things went, the results and the types of seeds we should stockpile. Overall, I was how the project went.  Even though the box that the plants grew in was only about 6 inches […]

Considerations for a late season patio garden

Considerations for a late season patio gardenPlease Rate This Article If your stocking up on seeds for a patio garden, cold weather garden, or shaded garden, here are some things to take into consideration. Due to the lack of sunlight, the plants growth might be stunted, the plant may not mature, and if it does […]

Patio Gardening Project 3rd Update

Patio Gardening Project 3rd UpdatePlease Rate This Article Patio Gardening Project Episode 4 – The first set of radishes that were planted 3 weeks ago are coming along nicely. The second set of radish leaves have sprouted, and the bigger leaves are about 2 inches across. The Spinach has not done too much of anything. […]

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