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My wife had a hysterectomy part 3

I can honestly say the surgery turned my wifes life around. No more shooting pains, no more heavy periods, no more leaking bladder. Besides all of those positive things, there is no more personal time between us. She walks by me like I do not exist. The floors, dishes, clothes,,, are more important then extending a hand to me, or offering to give me a hug.

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If I say something to her about the way she is acting, she comes back asking if I want to live in a dirty house. We can not do both? We can not have an affectionate relationship and a clean house at the same time?

My wife had a hysterectomy part 2

My wife started her replacement hormones 2 days ago (July 6, 2012), holy crap, the mood swings are kicking in big time. She is bitching and complaining about everything.

Now I understand what the horror stories after a hysterectomy are about.

A guy I used to work with back around 1992 or 1993 was complaining about his wife being bitchy when she started her hormones. Now I understand what he was talking about.

If we can put men on the moon, why don’t we have better treatment options for women? If a woman has a cyst, or heavy bleeding, it solution is to cut everything out and put her on artificial hormones. It seems barbaric to treat women like a piece of meat at the butcher. Do not like that piece, just cut it out.

Next Tuesday will be going on 4 weeks post-surgery, we still have close to 6 weeks to go before she gets a full release from the doctor.

Hopefully after my wife gets all of this behind her our lives will improve.

I should have knocked my wife up while we were dating (before we got married). But like everything else in life, you look back and wish you would have done things differently.

My wife had a hysterectomy part 1

Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistMy wife, her name is Kristy, had a hysterectomy last week.

There are two types of hysterectomies out there:

1 – The woman has a hysterectomy for a none medical reason. Such as not having a monthly period to interfere with her sex life.

When I was doing some work in kingwood Texas area back in the early 2000s, some of the rich women told me they had a hysterectomy so they could provide sex to their husbands without a monthly period. The women worried if they were on their period, their sugar daddy husband would look for sex elsewhere. You would not want to lose your free ride now would you? Hysterectomy, boob job, tummy tuck, and that saggy 50 year old rich women might be able to hold onto her lying cheating sorry ass husband that brings home $500+k a year.

2 – The woman needs the hysterectomy for a valid medical reason.

Kristy fit under #2. Her left ovary was the size of a baseball, was growing, and had been causing shooting pains for well over a year. Also, I do not make enough money to pay for a boob job or tummy tuck. Our relationship is built off love, and not how much money I bring home.

After having 4 children Kristys bladder had been pushed out of position to the point where she some urine leakage. Kristy could not even walk to the mail box without her bladder leaking. The doctors were supposed to fix the leakage issue at the same time as the hysterectomy. I asked for a free tummy tuck for Kristy, but the doctor said no.

I was resistant to the idea of Kristy having a hysterectomy.

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