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Little past middle age

At 46 years old I consider myself a little past middle age.  That is unless I live to be at least 92 years old.  So who knows, I might not even be at middle age yet.

Even at such a young age I look back and realize how much water has gone under the bridge.  I wonder how I will feel when I am in my 60s or even 70s, that is if I live that long.

I often wonder how my mom and dad feel about how much things have changed in their lifetime?  My dad did not get electricity and running water until he was somewhere around 6 years old.  What is it like going from kerosene lamps and an outhouse to computers and the internet?

The past 19 years, from 1995 – 2014, humanity has made leaps and bounds with technology.  We went from dial-up internet to smart phones in less than a generation.  I look forward to what scientist will develop in the next 20 years.

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Something to warm your soul

A little something to warm your soul on a cold winter day.

Faith in humanity restored.

Johnny Cash In German

The internet has just divided by zero. Johnny Cash in German, what more could you want? My life is now complete.

And you thought Rammstein was awesome? You aint heard nothing yet.

Black Sabbath Anniversary

On February 13, 1970, ‘Black Sabbath’ was released in the United Kingdom.

Where would we be if Ozzy and Black Sabbath never made music.

I Like Guns

steveleeilikeguns over at youtube has posted another outstanding video.

There is just something about shooting guns, something those gun hating liberal sissies will never understand.

Hard Dance Style Jump style and Shuffle

Why couldn’t they have dance styles like this while I was growing up?

Be sure to watch the 0:20 second and the 3:50 mark. the guy in the red shirt cuts it up pretty good.

Now for some uber cool polka from Los Colorados


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