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Wasting food after a disaster

Wasting foodThis weekend my family and I rented beach house and spent a couple of days at the beach. This was our last summer bash before old man winter arrives.

Something that was observed during breakfast reaffirms my belief that children will waste the most food then any other group during a long term shtf survival situation.

Several months ago my family and I had a cookout. When we have a cookout, we have a “COOKOUT” – ribs, brisket, beans,,,, the works. After everyone had packed up and went home, my wife and I started cleaning up the yard. It was during the clean up that I found something that irritated me – one of the children and taken a single bite out of a babyback rib, and then threw the rib on the ground. The size of the bite mark indicated a childs mouth.

With the rib being thrown on the ground, we were dealing with 2 different things – 1, a parent that is not watching their children; 2, a child that was just outright wasting food.

Video about cooking some ribs and brisket on the pit.

Daily calorie intake

Daily calorie intakePlease Rate This Article Lets start with – Do you really read the labels? While trying to figure out a food stockpile, or what kind of foods you should store, how big of a factor is calorie intake per day? Or is it along the lines of, “oh, I need some more canned […]

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