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Fire Alarm, Young Men and Respect

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentator

My fiancee and I Went to see Rogue One at Tinseltown in Beaumont. Towards the end of the movie the fire alarm went off. A lady came over the speaker system and said a fire alarm had gone off and asked everyone to exit the building.

People got up and started exiting through the fire exit. When my fiancee and I reached the exit I looked back and realized there were a number of older couples waiting on everyone to leave so they could make their way down.

When did society stop respecting police

When did society stop respecting policePlease Rate This Article What has caused society to lose respect for law enforcement?¬†With the innovation of smart phones, video recorders, youtube, liveleak, facebook,,,, etc, police activity can be videoed and shared worldwide in a matter of minutes.¬† The public can see what police have to deal with everyday. Has […]

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