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Puppies killed one of my chicks

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A couple of weeks ago I picked up two puppies someone had dropped off on the side of the road. My wife and I live in a rural area which means people can drop off unwanted pets with a low risk of being spotted.

The puppies were living in a hollow log on the side of the road. After feeding them for around a week I was able to get close enough to grab them. When I picked them up they did not growl, bark or try to bite me. Just to be on the safe side I wore leather gloves.

Everything was going good until this morning. My wife got up before I did, she looked out the backdoor and saw the puppies under the chicken house. The chicken house is up on legs, screened bottom with hardware cloth and plywood sides. The chicken house was designed to be predator proof. We have a chicken yard, but the gates are left open so the hens can free range.


My neighbor was robbed

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An older gentlemen and his wife who live close to me were robbed last friday. They were out of town on a trip that lasted thursday through saturday.

Sometime while they were gone the front door was kicked in, the whole gun safe was stolen, and the thieves tried to steal a truck. But while in the process of moving the truck to load stuff in it, the thieves got the truck stuck in the yard.

The man had some day laborers who had been doing work on his farm.  The police are focusing in the those day laborers as the primary suspects.  But what do you do when you need help?  Do you ask friends and family and wait on them to get free time?  Or do you go down to a local corner store and hire some day workers?  My personal preference is to rely on friends and family rather than inviting people I do not know onto my property.

It seems like people are no longer safe regardless of where they go. I figure that living in a rural area crime would be non-existent, but it is still here.

Thieves are like democrats. You work hard all your whole life, accumulate property, then someone kicks in your door and takes it from you. It it is not the democrats then it is the child support office, the irs or some other agency trying to take what you have worked hard for.

What do people have to do to live in peace and quiet?  Do we move out of the city to the suburbs?  Do we move to a rural area several miles from town?  What does it take to live as one wishes?

In the grand scheme is things people taking things that does not belong to them has probably been with mankind since we first started to collect property.  Whether it was a pair of shoes, spear, scrapping tool for cleaning hides,,, there are people out there who would rather take than earn their own.

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Judge Lisa Millard should be removed from office

Judge Lisa Millard should be removed from office
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Judge Lisa Millard sentenced Clifford Hall 6 months in in jail for a crime he did not commit.

It seems that his child support payments were modified without his knowledge, which violates the due process clause of the U.S. constitution. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that the government can not take a persons property or liberty without a chance to present their own evidence in a court of law.

Judge Lisa Millard should be removed from office and prohibited from every holding a public office, or any office that has authority over the people. Judge Lisa Millard along with the Harris county child support office is a perfect example of how dads are being driven into child support induced poverty.

Now that Clifford Hall is in jail how is he supposed to pay his child support?  Rather that being current on his child support, he is going to leave jail 6 months in the rear and with no job.  How is that justice?

Child support is not about taking care of the child. The current system is designed to do one thing, that is to punish the non-custodial parent, which is usually the father. Judge Lisa Millard and her decision to throw Clifford Hall in jail for 6 month is a perfect example of a system that is out of control.

The child support system in Texas needs to be reformed.  The first step to reigning in an out of control system is to remove judges like Lisa Millard from office.  Once removed from office make her an example by prohibiting her from practicing law in Texas, and prohibit her from holding any public office.  Her sentence of Clifford Hall is nothing more than abuse of power.

How is being current on your child support a crime?  It is not.

Chances are the only reason why Clifford Hall is in jail is because he is black.  I hate to say that, but it is my honest opinion.  It is strange how a white woman throws a black man in jail for paying his child support.

Turning 45 Years Old

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Today is my birthday, I turned 45 years old.  Depending on how you look at it, turning 45 is either not too bad, or it sucks.

Retirement – One thing that bothers me is I am nowhere near being ready for retirement.  I partially blame myself, but I also blame every 401k management firm I have used.  Since 1994 just about every 401k management firm has lost money, except for the one I am using now.  How am I supposed to save for retirement when the people managing my 401k lose 20% of my money every year?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

Something I worry about is if social security is going to be around when I retire?  I know people who have never worked a day in their life and they are drawing social security disability.  I work and pay into the system for some lazy bum to draw benefits?

Working Hard – When I was growing up, kids were told to “grow up, get a job and work hard.”  Because we “worked hard” our efforts would be recognized and we would be rewarded.  I know now that is a lie.  Working hard is a wage slave mentality.  No welding company is going to reward your efforts unless they have to.


My Drinking Problem

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Middle age sucks. I can look back over my teenage years, my 20, 30s and now I am halfway through my 40s. In January of 2013 I will turn 45 years old.

Besides going into welding, my other major regret is when I started drinking.

Unlike a lot of people I did not drink in my teenage years. I tried a beer when I was around 15 or 16 years old, and the taste was disagreeable.

When I was around 23 years old I went by a corner store in Bridge City Texas, picked up a couple of bottles of Boone’s Farm wine, then went home to have a drink.

Why did I buy a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine? I do not know. Maybe I was bored and looking for something to do?

What I do know, drinking is one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. Drinking has had a negative affect on my health, its not cheap, and its addictive.

At this point in my life I am probably somewhere about 30 – 40 pounds overweight. Lets say I drink 3 or 4 beers, at 100 – 150 calories each, you are talking an easy 300 – 500 extra calories a day. Then when you start adding mixed drinks, the calories really pile on.

When I started drinking around the time I was 23 years old, that is the same time I started having issues with my weight. I put on weight easier then I did before I started drinking.

I wonder how much money I have spent on beer, wine and whiskey over the past 22 – 23 years. I wish I would have never spent a single penny on booze. That money would have been better spent on my kids, or a vacation for the family.

There are so much better things to spend money on besides alcohol. For the price of a 12 pack, I could buy 2 boxes of American Eagle 223 Remington, or 2 boxes of Tula 7.62×39, and have some change left over.

Every time I buy something to drink, I am taking money away from my family and from my prepping resources. And I am ashamed because of that.

Why don’t I just stop drinking? Because I like it too much.

Lets be honest, I have a problem with drinking. I can go a month without having a drink, but when I do drink, I drink until the last drop is gone.

Admitting that there is the problem is the first step to recovery.

This post is my first step to being alcohol free.

My mom and dad read my blog from time to time. I hope this confession does not make them think they failed as a parent, or think less of me.

Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad. Just as we have good things in life, so we must deal with the bad things.

Its not the alcohol that is bad, it is my weakness that is bad.

I wish I could have led a perfect life. Maybe I should have joined the military, went to college, went into something like engineering, waited to have kids,,,,.

Does having an easy life make you strong, or does the struggle make you stronger?

Did mankind conquer the world through living an easy lifestyle? Or did we conquer the world through hard-work?

As long as I beat this drinking problem, I will be a better person in the long run. Its the struggle that makes us stronger. Taking the easy route makes us weaker.

Stress is almost overwhelming

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Its a little job stress, a lot of it is related to the nations current economic turn-down.

I supply health insurance to my kids. If something were to happen to my job, not only would my wife and I be without health insurance, but my kids would also not be covered.

Since my youngest child is under 18 years old, I am court ordered to pay child support and provide health insurance.  If I could not make my child support payments, the Texas attorney general would want me thrown in jail.

I feel that I am in some kind of work release program.  As long as I can hold a job and make child support payments, I am free to go and do as I please.  When I can not make payments, then its off to jail with you.

Just for the record, I have never been in jail for child support.  But there was a time when I did not have a job for a month or so.  When I got behind on my payments, the Texas attorney general fined a motion asking a judge to imprison me.

What kind of justice is that?  Get without a job, have no income, and the assholes at the Texas attorney general want to throw me in jail.  Is that fair to me or my children?

The good news, my last child is 16 years old.  Only around 18 more months and I will be free of the child support chains.  When my daughter turns 18 I will finally be a free man.  But until then, I am nothing more then a slave to the state.

If the job prospects looked better, then I would not worry as much.  But when jobs are difficult to come by, it just adds to the stress.

Random Thoughts October 10 2012

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Guess its time for another random thoughts article.

Romney and the elections

Holy crap, really republicans? Romney is our best ticket to beat obama? I usually vote straight line Libertarian party. But when there is not anyone on the Libertarian ticket I usually vote republician. When I have to vote democrap, I think about bill clinton signing nafta into law, and the untold number of jobs we have lost to Mexico.

Not that the republicans are much better. But if we are going to get someone on the republican ticket, at least let them be pro gun.

Whatever happened to all of the people that were supposed to vote for Ron Paul? Whatever happened to the Ron Paul revolution that was going to change America? I guess everyone forgot about that when it came time to vote.

If so many people were going to vote for Ron Paul, how did romney get the nomination?

Now we have to sit through the debates and watch mcdonalds and burger king argue which one has the better food. Why do we have to go to burger king or mcdonalds, why cant we go to sonic?

The democrats and republicans have brainwashed the people into believing they only have two choices.

I am here to tell you you have more then two choices. If you want real change, when you go to the polls, vote Libertarian Party.


My battle with alcohol

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My mom visits my blog from time to time, so I want to apologize to her and my dad. My battle is nothing they did wrong as parents. I blame this battle with alcohol on myself for being weak.

Unlike a lot of people, I did not drink in my teenage years. I drank a couple of times, did not like the taste or the effects, so I almost never drank in my teenage years. I hope mom and dad are glad to know that.

If I made it past my teenage years without drinking, why did I start drinking? I think it was out of boredom.

The first time I bought alcohol I was maybe 23 or 24 years old. I went to the Texaco gas station in Bridge City Texas and bought 2 bottles of Boones Farm wine.

My first few drinks of wine upset my stomach something terrible; I should have taken the hint. I honestly wish I would have never taken another drink after that Boones Farm. Some people can drink Boones Farm just fine. But there is something with my stomach that I can not drink any kind of sweet wine. Wine coolers upset my stomach the same way Boones farm did.

Over the past 20 years parts of my life have been consumed with beer and whiskey.

There is a difference in drinking to relax and have a good time with friends, and drinking in excess. Far too often I drink to excess.


US pushed to edge of no return

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Fishing Southeast Texas B A Steinhagen LakeWith the US debt deal passed, we have been pushed to the edge of no return.  The US taxpayer has been beat down, the chains have been shackled and the saddle is about to be put on us.  From there, we will be nothing more then debt slaves.  So what caused this?  Elected politicians acting like a bunch of teenage girls with their daddies credit card, thats what.

Our elected officials have spent, and spent, and spent, and spent, and spent until we are on the edge of bankruptcy.  Instead of sending welfare people to college, they are sent food stamps, public housing, and welfare checks.  We have built a nation of people who think they are “entitled” to something they did not work for.

Now that the national debt equals our gross domestic product, the US has been pushed to the edge of no return.  We have no hope of ever paying our debt off.  Over the next few years I foresee the US raising taxes on the middle class, and “maybe” the lower upper class.  While big companies still do not pay their fair share and continue to move to china.

China is no longer a peasant nation, they have built an empire by selling cheap products to the US.  As long as the US stays in debt, and china continues to buy that debt, there is no hope of return.

As long as politicians continue to foster a welfare nation, there is no hope for return.

As long as the US government promotes free trade like candy, there is no hope.

As long as the wealthy and big business do not have to pay taxes, there is no hope.

As long as the zombie voters continue to elect democraps and republicants into office, there is no hope.


Living poor

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boogie2988 posted a very heartfelt video about growing up poor, and what its like to be poor.

We have two contrasting parts to the story, living poor because we have to, and living poor because we decide to.

I am bad about spending money.  If there is something I want I will shop around and wait on sales.  Its stuff like food that I spend a lot of extra money on.  Hungry?  Lets go get something to eat.  I may go get a burger or pizza instead of fixing something at home.

Like boogie2988 says, if you can get some money in the bank, it provides a safety net and peace of mind.

Instead of living hand-to-mouth, lets cut back and save some money. Do you “really” need that latest phone? Do you really need that latest game?

When Skyrim came out I wanted to buy it something awful, but I didn’t. I waited until Skyrim hit a 1/2 price before I bought.

My cell phone, its a dumb phone.  Its one of those cheap flip phones.  Why dont I have a smart phone?  Because a cheap flip phone does what I need it to.

Over the next few months my wife and I are going to cut back, way back and try to put everything we can into savings.  No more beer, no more video games, no more eating out,,,,.

Child Support Induced Poverty

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I was wanting to read some child support horror stories, so I did a search for “child support induced poverty”. The funny thing is, no exact results came back.

Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

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Are non-custodial parents embarrassed to talk about how the child support laws are like a meat grinder? Or how the custodial parent gets a free lawyer in child support court, but the non-custodial parent gets raped in the ass? Or how the state meat grinder attorney general looking for child support drives families into poverty?

Are people embarrassed to talk about these things? If so, maybe its time for a change.

Child support induced poverty is when the non-custodial parent is pushed into poverty through child support payments, and other ordered payments, such as mandated health care and orders to pay 1/2 of the health care bills.

What does the custodial parent have to do? Nothing but sit on their ass and collect payments. The custodial parent is in no way responsible for providing for the child. They are not required to provide health care coverage, not required to get a job,,, they are required to do “nothing”.

The thing with child support laws, the laws are supposed to make parents responsible for the children. When the non-custodial parent is not required to do anything, where is the responsibility in that?

What I am about to tell you is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Guy meets girl,
Guy thinks girl is cool so they start dating,
After dating for almost 2 years, guy and girl get married,
Guy and girl have a few kids,
Girl turns into crazy bitch that runs the family into financial ruin,
Crazy bitch will not stop spending money,
Crazy bitch will not listen to husband when he ask her to stop spending money,
Guy finally has enough and leaves crazy bitch.


The Natural State Of Mankind

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Barred Rock chickens at feederThe way people live in cities, all bunched up together like chickens in a coop is not the natural state of mankind.

For tens of thousands of years mankind lived in small nomadic groups.  They had land to farm, land to roam, river and streams to fish from, land to hunt on and land to migrate on.  Groups traded between each other, and were pretty much self sufficient.

Today, we live in cities that group people together like livestock.

What happens when you put too many chickens in a coop?  They start pecking at each other. Let the chickens out in the yard, or free range, and they are fine.

Humans are natural born predators; we fish, we hunt and we eat.  Living in cities with our artificial grocery stores suppresses those natural predator feelings.

Like chickens going to a feeder, or hogs going to a feed trough, so people go to the local grocery store or fast food place and get their food.

Easily obtained food breeds laziness and obesity.  Why do so many health problems go hand-in-hand with obesity, because being a fatty is not mans natural state.  Our bodies are built to be in constant motion, not to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day.  Our bodies are designed to cover long distances in the pursuit of food.  Our modern culture ensures that food is at the nearest corner store, fast food place or grocery store.

Related ArticleGenerations of Welfare Leeches

Over population breeds all kinds of social and health problems. Without modern transportation HIV would have died off in Africa, Swine Flu may have stayed in Mexico, SARS would not have caused global panic.

This might sound cruel, maybe childhood diseases exist for a reason. Maybe its natures way of weeding out the weak and preventing overpopulation.


Personal Responsibility

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Kevin Felts blogger and survivalistBaby daddy not helping you with the bills? Maybe you need to get your lazy ass off the couch and get a job.

It is not the job of the tax payers to compensate stupid people. Dont know how to prevent your girlfriend from getting knocked up? Maybe you need to make a trip to the free clinic and get your nuts cut.

Got more kids then you can afford, STOP HAVING MORE!!!!!!! Welfare is not your private checkbook.

My wife and I have a friend of the family that is squeezing out her first child. The baby daddy said he was having an asthma attack, so he gets in the car and drives almost an hour to the next hospital. Keep in mind, the mom was in a hospital. Why not walk over to the emergency room instead of driving to the next town? Because the sorry piece of trash baby daddy wanted to get as far away from the mom and the baby as he can get. The piece of trash baby daddy is around 25 years old, working for minimum wage at the local china-mart, does not provide health coverage for the mom or the baby, does not have a car, and does not even have a drivers license. But yet he can knock the mom up?

The mom on the other hand has a good job, has private health insurance, has a car and has a drivers license.

What the hell was she thinking when she had sex with a bum?

Now the mom and the baby are going to have to deal with a dead beat dad for the rest of their lives.

Its called Personal Responsibility

For the women – Do not get knocked up by a bum.

For the men – If you can not take care of your kids, do not go around getting women pregnant.

To yourself and to the public

It might just my silly idea of how the world is supposed to work, I think people should contribute to society more then the take out.

Lets take a welfare bum that lives in public housing, gets several hundred dollars worth of food stamps and does not work. How much does that person contribute to society? Probably nothing to very little. People that live that lifestyle are nothing more then a drain on society.

When there is more taken out of the bank that goes in, sooner or later you go broke. And that is the direction the U.S. is headed.

Children learn behavior from the environment they are raised in. What happens when welfare bums have kids and do not teach the children the value of work? We end up with generations of welfare parasites.

The United States government is going broke while more and more people stand there with their hands out.

Middle Class Caught In The Middle

Maybe part of the problem is that the middle class has been caught in a catch 22. The manufacturing jobs that supported the middle class have been sent to china and other cheap labor countries. So what are the people supposed to do?

Just as crops whether in the fields without rain, so the middle class withers away without good paying jobs.

I think that people are hard workers. It is in our nature to do a hard days work. I also feel that the majority of people turn to welfare only as a last ditch effort, maybe as a last resort.

So what is the middle class supposed to do? May go back to college and sink our families into debt for student loans? Maybe learn a skill or a trade?

As a parent, you have a responsibility to provide for your family.

As a citizen, you do not have the right to be a willful burden upon the community.

The keyword there is “willful”. There is a difference in being down on your luck and needing a helping hand, and freeloading off the system.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our family and our community to be responsible for our actions, and the effects those actions have on the community.

Spoon Fed Sheeple

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survivalistI thought about titling the article, “spoon fed people”, but decided “sheeple” would be a better description. Maybe “spoon fed cattle” would be a good title? Kinda like cattle being led to the slaughter.

Spoon fed sheeple can not think for themselves. These are the people that sit around watching the TV, and never question what they see.

Sheeple go to the poles and vote for the same two political parties year after year and never ask any questions.

Sheeple never speak up when government does something wrong.

Sheeple never protest.

Sheeple never speak up.

Sheeple never question the government.

Sheeple never question their elected officials.

Sheeple stay in debt, debt adds purpose to their lives.

Sheeple live their lives blind to what is going on around them. As long as they are in debt and have a job, everything is fine.

How does society grow sheeple

I believe everyone starts out being able to think for themselves. Most people call this an “imagination”. Children run and play and make toys out of the simple things. A cup is turned into a space ship.

So what happens between childhood and adulthood? I think the schools destroy creativity. Over time a child imagination is ripped out, thrown on the floor and stomped into millions of pieces.

From the time the child starts school, the the time the young adult finishes school, the school system hammers the person into a sheeple.

Sit down,
Shut up,
Do not ask questions,
Accept what you are told as fact,
The teacher is never wrong,
This is just the way things are,
Do not question authority.

After 12 years of being told that crap, the kids start to accept it as fact.

Once the public school system is finished with the child, all that is left is a zombie sheeple.

Just as children are taught not to question the school, so that teaching is brought into adulthood and the adult does not question the government.

Just as a teacher tolls the children to do their homework, so the politician tells the people how to vote.

We have a choice

We may not have a choice about going to school, but we do have a choice of what we do after school. We have a choice as to whether we want to live in the bonds other people place on us; or whether we cast those chains to the ground.

We have a choice to whether we live as a sheeple, or whether we live as a free person.

Just because teachers suppress free-thought, does not mean we have to live by the teachers rules for the rest of our lives.  Once you get out of school, screw that teacher.  I am now an adult, and I WILL NOT sit down and shut up.

Free People

Vote as we wish,
We live debt free,
We ask questions,
We speak up,
And we will not sit down or shut up.

The question everyone needs to answer, are they a sheeple, or are they a free person.

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Locking the doors

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survivalistOver the past few months I have gotten in the habit of locking the doors during the day.  The doors have always been locked at night.  But here lately I have been keeping the doors locked during the middle of the day.

Security is not a serious concern during the day.  My wife and I live in a low crime rate area.  There is rarely, if ever, a serious crime around here.

The doors are locked to set a boundary line between my wife and I, and the rest of the world.

Boundaries are an important part of life.  Even though millions of illegal immigrants do not care about boundaries, that does not mean the rest of us do not give a crap.

We face boundaries everyday.  Think about the boundaries we face on a daily basis.  There are boundaries on the road, at the job, in relationships, while shopping,,, everything we do is somehow limited by a boundary.

So why shouldn’t my front door be a well defined boundary line?

An unlocked door is like a yield sign.

A locked door is like a stop sign, as a locked door forces people on the outside to stop.

Yield signs only work when the other party respects the sign.  Awhile back my wife and I had an issue with our kids walking into our house without knocking. If my wife and I decide to bury the bone in the middle of the living room floor, we should not be interrupted by someone walking in the front door. This is our home, nobody has the right to walk into my home without our permission.

Locking the doors forces those on the outside to respect a boundary line.

For people who refuse to respect a yield sign, lock the door. That forces them to stop, knock and then ask permission to enter the home.

The locked doors provides a sense of security.  Locking the door says that this is my home, and you “will not” just walk in without my permission.

A locked door is like a fence line.  The door defines a boundary line between my safe and secure area, and the rest of the world.

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