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Thoughts on kerosene lanterns

Kerosene is one of those things that just does not fit into my survival preps. Since I tend to think about long term survival plans, and kerosene will run out sooner or later, so how does all of that fit together? And then there are the hazard of using kerosene lanterns – fire hazard, health risk from fumes, glass breakage, storing kerosene,,,,. Because of all of this, I have decided to put kerosene into the short – mid term survival plans. In other words, kerosene would probably only be used for a couple of months – or until supplies run out.

Fuel storage

Fuel storagePlease Rate This Article Here is what I store most of my fuel in. These drums hold 16 gallons each, but I only fill them with 15 gallons of fuel. The first thing people usually say – your not supposed to store fuel in plastic. Ok, then what about the plastic 5 gallon gas […]

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