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Haters are gonna spread hate

If there is one thing that pisses me off, it has to be when someone signs up on the Survivalist Boards Forum, then threatens to sue me when they receive a newsletter.

1 – when you register at the forum there is an option to opt out of the newsletter.

2 – unsubscribe information is included in EVERY newsletter. Can you read that? In “every” newsletter. Not some of the newsletters, not in every other newsletter, unsubscribe information is included in “every” newsletter.

Do not get pissed off at me because you can not read. What the hell people, take time to manage the accounts you create on websites. If you created an account, then take responsibility for your actions.

If you sign up on a forum, then complain that you received a newsletter, you are nothing more then a deadbeat user – kinda like a dead beat parent who does not want to take responsibility for the children you create.

The people that complain about getting a newsletter are probably the same people who blame everyone else for their problems.

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