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Prometheus Review

Holy crap, what a waste of time. After watching Prometheus, its difficult to understand what Ridley Scott was trying to do? Its even more difficult to understand why Ridley Scott was unable to bring back the horror of the original Alien movie.

Some of the scenes were long, drawn out, and uncalled for.

Alien + Ridley Scott = horror that has lasted through the generations.

Prometheus + Ridley Scott = what a waste of time, what did I just watch?

If you are wanting to watch Prometheus, do not buy the DVD. Wait to rent it on redbox, or wait until it goes on the discount rack in a few years.

The Walking Dead Episode One First Impressions

The Walking Dead Episode One First ImpressionsPlease Rate This Article The first episode of “The Walking Dead” aired last night on AMC.  And I must say, I was impressed.  Unlike a lot of other zombie movies out there, The Walking Dead is not a 90 minute movie, its going to be a series.  This gives […]

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