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Galveston ferry sucks

I want to tell you why the Galveston ferry sucks.

Evening of September 21, 2012 my wife and I, along with a friend made a trip to Galveston with the purpose of buying a mini-HDMI cable for my wifes smart phone.

We rented a beach house on Bolivar peninsula for the weekend. The TV at the beach house did not have a very good channel selection, so we decided to go to get a cable to stream netflix through ,y wifes smart phone.

Going to Galveston was no big deal. The ferry was on the east side of the channel. We drove straight onto the ferry with no wait time.

We offloaded from the ferry, drove along the seawall, went to walmart, bought the cable, then headed back to the ferry,,,, then waited in line for an hour.

When we arrived at the ferry waiting lanes, one line had already formed, we were in line 2, then a 3rd line formed, then a 4th line formed.

After waiting for about an hour, the ferry finally arrived back.

Complacency and disaster preparedness

Complacency and disaster preparednessPlease Rate This Article After a few false alarms, people become complacent with their disaster preparedness plans. Meaning, that they do not think that anything serious is going to happen. When you let your guard down, that is when the real disasters strike.

Becoming complacent with disaster preparedness

As Hurricane Rita was making its way through the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, the projected path was towards the Houston and Galveston, Texas area. An evacuation was called for parts of Harris and Galveston counties. Which is where the cities of Houston and Galveston are located.

The way evacuations are “supposed” to work, the areas that are nearest the Gulf of Mexico are evacuated first. Which is Galveston, and lower Harris county. That is how its supposed to work in theory. In reality, how does one of the largest cities in the USA evacuate? They dont. There were stories of people spending 18+ hours on the highway and not even going 10 miles.

There are 2 major highways going north out of Houston – HWY 59 and HWY 45. Going east and west, there is Interstate 10, 1960, old HWY 90 and 105. HWY 105 is north of the Houston area. It goes from Beaumont, through Cleveland, Conroe and finally hits HWY 6.

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