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Muslim Migrants Firebomb Bus In Paris

Muslim Migrants Firebomb Bus In ParisPlease Rate This Article Have you ever asked yourself if the major news outlets are telling you the truth and the whole truth?   Or, maybe, just maybe the major media outlets are pushing an agenda.  One example is when CNN was caught censoring the news. Ask yourself, did you remember […]

Politically Correct Racial Terms

Politically Correct Racial TermsPlease Rate This Article If blacks are called african-americans, then why aren’t: whites called euorpean-americans; mexicans called central-american-americans, or better yet, spanish-central-american-americans; brazilians – portuguese-south-american-americans; Maybe mexicans should be called spanish-americans, instead of latinos? Canadians should be called French-Americans. Since we do not want to discriminate against any certain country, mexicans could […]

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