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California still has epidemic of Whooping Cough

toyota t100 truckCalifornia has been under an epidemic of Whooping Cough, and has been so for several months. There have been 5,658 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases and nine babies have died.

This is the highest epidemic of whooping cough since the 1959s.

Current rate of illness 14.5 per 100,000 people
1959 rate of illness 16.1 per 100,000 people

The majority of the children hospitalized with whooping cough have been Hispanic. It was not noted whether the Hispanics were legal immigrants or illegal immigrants.

Mexicos response to the swine flu

Mexicos response to the swine fluPlease Rate This Article Health officials in Mexico first noticed unusual cases of flu and pneumonia in mid – late March, 2009. The World Health Organization in notified in late March, and again on April 9th. But the WHO did not take action until late April. Here is the article […]

Mexico officials ask citizens to close nonessential businesses

Mexico officials ask citizens to close nonessential businessesPlease Rate This Article Officials in Mexico have asked citizens to close all nonessential businesses for 5 days. Besides the closing of businesses, citizens have been asked not to leave their homes unless its necessary. Yahoo news posted the article that is being referred to – Mexico shuts […]

Flu outbreak prevention

Flu outbreak preventionPlease Rate This Article Before we get started, the author of this article (Kevin) is not a health care professional. Do your own research before making decisions that affect your health. Links in this article are being provided for information purposes only. The flu is a viral respiratory infection – there is no […]

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